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A complete guide to winter gloves for men: Types, Material and Selection

winter gloves


Looking for the perfect winter gloves and the right fit for you? Choosing the perfect fit can be a bit difficult considering the wide range of choices available on the market, especially in the men’s section. Having a pair of warm, high-quality gloves is a must when you are in a cold climate. In some extreme conditions, without gloves, your hands will get cold and rosy;  it can also be very painful at times. So, this guide will help you find the right type of gloves that will meet your specific needs.

Types-Materials-Selection: The complete guide

Let’s explain the different types of gloves with the help of a table.



Reason to Select

Waterproof Insulated Work Gloves

Made of a hardy polytex shell to resist moisture.

Along with an amazing customer review, these gloves are waterproof with a highly durable nature.

Wax Coated Leather Gloves

As the name suggests, it is made up of waxed leather.

It provides the benefits of effective insulation with a leather plus waterproofing and resistance towards heat. Having a brown leather finish looks stylish with everything.

Ralph Lauren Black Quilted Gloves

It is made of warm quilted polyester.

As the brand name suggests, it is a Ralph Lauren. It is classy and stylish, would go best with your topcoat and also casuals for the weekend. It is a rich quality glove with a long lifespan.

Nike Club Fleece Men’s Gloves

They are made of touchscreen compatible thumbs and with a very soft and lightweight fabric.

It is considered as a good running glove. These gloves are exclusively known for their comfort, their ultra lightweight and touch sensitive fingers.

Montana Ski Gloves

Made of insulated and waterproof materials.

Blocks out the wet snow and reduces moisture with a waterproof laminate. Perfect for mountain climbers, with a gauntlet type wrist with double closure and reinforcing your palm for bracing your jumps and falls.

Silver Swipe Glove

It is a perfect blend of silk and nylon.

Perfect fit for a cold climate. With its extra lightweight and fast drying feature it is ideal during the winter season and also touch sensitive. It is also very easy to carry since it does not take up a lot of space.

Lined Lambskin Leather Gloves

As the name suggests, they are made of thick lambskin leather.

These gloves are very comfortable and stylish at the same time. With an extra layer of warmth, it is one of the best options for very cold winters and extreme climates.

SmartWool Trail Ridge Sherpa Glove

These gloves are made of a combination of smart wool and leather.

The combination of smart wool and leather ensure complete warmth and resists moisture, the thumb and the index fingers are touch sensitive though. It also consists of an elastic cough to maximise the warmth by trapping it.

Fast Trek Fleece Gloves

Made of hundred percent fleece and an elastic wrist.

These gloves were made for outdoor activities hence it targets maximum warmth and gives a cosy vibe.

What to look for ?

Your gloves won’t stay warm and cosy if they are not waterproof. And when your glove is waterproof it normally goes hand-in-hand with wind resistance.  There are a wide variety of winter gloves for men that come with high insulation levels. Materials like wools and thinsulates provide you with the perfect warmth along with insulation. 

After these two, you will often look for features like the grip or touchscreen sensitivity features of the gloves. If your gloves do not have a nice grip and are made up of a touch sensitive material then what is the point of even wearing it? Last but not the least, everyone wants stylish gloves that stand out of the box and make your hands look attractive. But it is always advisable to double check all the above mentioned specks.


So what we have learnt from this blog is that there are a wide range of winter gloves for men and it is your needs and wants that will tell you what kinds of gloves you should buy. Choosing the perfect fit can be a bit difficult considering the wide range of choices available in the market, especially in the men’s section. 


Q 1. What is the purpose of winter gloves?

Answer : Winter gloves help to insulate our hands and keep them warm during cold climates and extreme weathers.

Q 2. What are winter gloves made of?

Answer : Winter gloves are usually made of wool , leather or synthetic materials.

Q 3. What makes gloves warm?

Answer : A proper insulation and wind/ water resistance along with a warm material makes a glove warm altogether.

Q 4. What brands of gloves are warmest?

 Answer :  Black Diamond Mercury Mitts is considered as the brand which makes the warmest gloves

Q 5. What type of gloves is used in snow?

Answer : Down gloves and mittens are considered the best to use in snow.

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