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Are leather safety products the future of protective equipment for hazardous job workers

The Story so far - Leather Safety Products

With the ever increasing demand for workers there is a rise in the demand for protective gears especially for the industrial workers. As a result the demand for raw material to produce the gears are increasing at a rapid pace.

Today most of the protective gears are made from synthetic products. Yet a large number of industries use the leather product.

The Production Factor

But the most important fact is that production of leather is somewhat low when compared to other synthetic materials. So, as a result it becomes very difficult to cater to the demand.

Therefore one has to turn towards the synthetically or chemically used product; this therefore provides the insight we need today.

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Pros of the synthetics

The biggest benefits of artificially made protective gears are that they don’t have a maintenance cost. This is too huge in a leather product which needs care from time to time. That is not even long lasting as compared to synthetic products. They only last when they are taken care of properly. In many places especially the socially backward ones there are religious sentiments attached with the people so many of them don’t want to wear the product. This can lead to strikes and protests by them which isn’t good for anyone.

It is true that leather denotes royalty. This means the one who has the best quality is admired. But this fact is only limited to the richest ones, the lower working class has nothing to do with that. What is needed is comfort. While it is provided by leather. But in some places the issue is contentious, for which some long term approach to get resolved is the need of the hour. Most of the hazardous jobs are dirty in nature, like the cleaning of sewerages. So it isn’t rational to think that  sewage cleaners will prefer  leather safety products.

Apart from that, the heavy industry workers are hesitant to adopt it as it doesn’t provide the required protection. Heat protection is absent in leather products, they become very smooth and even melt when exposed to extreme heat.


New products are emerging with additional features of safety which provides great insulation to the workers involved in industries, construction, and heavy lifting. What we are seeing now is that there is less acceptance of leather protective gear in present days .Which is attributable to its high costs and low protection efficiency. The cost of the leather is also a roadblock for its acceptance. The synthetic materials are much cheaper when compared to them. And in today’s modern era it’s an inconceivable thought to think of reverting to the leather era which we have left. And as per the latest trends the synthetic man made gears are the future and are destined to grow at a meteoric rate.

Though new technological interventions can tweak the use of leather safety products for which we have to wait and watch. But as of now the answer to this question is mostly uncertain. RP Comtrade Pvt ltd deals in the import, export, and manufacturing of best quality leather safety products.