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Benefits Of Purchasing Small TIG Welding Gloves

Benefits Of Purchasing Small TIG Welding Gloves

The Ultimate Guide to Read Before Purchasing Small TIG Welding Gloves

Welding is one of the industrial activities where there are higher-chances of hand injuries. Daily thousands of welders have to battle with burns from hot fumes and abrasions due to rough welding gloves. The chance of cutting fingers through sharp metal edges is also high in welding projects. One has to ensure that they use the right welding gloves and PPE or personal protection to prevent injuries. Whether it is small TIG welding gloves or MIG welding gloves, a buyer has to consider some points before they finalize the decision of purchasing the product. Most of the buyers complicate the purchase by getting confused in selecting the right small welding gloves for their project.

Let us discuss some of the common features of small welding gloves. Along with the niche of best benefits of small TIG welding gloves.

What are the Features of Welding Gloves?

TIG or tungsten inert gas welding gloves are completely different from MIG or metal inert gas welding gloves and stick welding gloves. The common point in all the types of welding gloves is they serve for the same purpose of protecting the hands of welders effectively. Here are some of the common features of best and small TIG welding gloves.

1. Heat Protection Standards

When we compare the heat withstanding the ability of small TIG welding gloves with MIG and stick welding gloves. They will not match the qualities which all beginning welders expect. The heat withstanding ability of TIG welding gloves is low. The main purpose of a TIG welding glove is to provide comfort for precision.

Some welding gloves offer heat withstanding abilities while some provide comfort. Hence the purchase of the welding gloves depends on the application of the welding gloves.

2. Durability of TIG Welding Gloves

When the concern is about durability, TIG welding gloves don’t work long compared with MIG welding gloves. The durability of the small TIG welding gloves depends on the purchase quality differing from low to high poor qualities. The TIG welding gloves which have extra pads provide superior comfort and last longer when compared with the ones who don’t have extra pads.

Apart from extra pads, the type of stitch of the welding gloves also plays an integral role in defining the durability of welding gloves. It is better to select the welding gloves which have a seamless stitch and use Kevlar material for stitching. Indeed, the quality of the TIG welding gloves plays an essential role in providing long-life to the welding gloves.

3. Coverage

The coverage of the welding gloves is important and depends on the type of welding. Most of the small TIG welding gloves have minimal coverage as they have to withstand less heat when compared to welding gloves used in stick and MIG type of welding.

Apart from coverage, one has to also ensure that they purchase a welding glove which matches their budget and expectations.                  

Benefits Of Purchasing Small TIG Welding Gloves

4. Sensitivity To Touch

Premium TIG welding means being precise and having superior craftsmanship, so maintaining exceptional touch sensitivity is necessary. Small TIG welding gloves fit you snugly while still allowing a wide range of motion for optimal touch sensitivity. 

When it comes to material, leather is most suitable for this kind of welding because it can protect your hands from the heat without catching fire. Softer leathers are preferable for comfort and functionality.   

5. Thickness

The intensity of heat generated in TIG welding is less compared to  MIG or stick welding, but there is still enough of it that can build up and transfer to your hands. So here we have the dilemma for most TIG welders, protective gloves have to be thin enough to provide for the dexterity needed to do the work. While still being thick enough to give adequate protection from the heat.

The easiest way to shield your hands against heat without adding weight is to go for these welding gloves with Kevlar lining. Kevlar, renowned for its ability to stop bullets, is the best at giving heat resistance without significantly changing the bulk of the gloves. Kevlar in your gloves means you also give them cut resistance. It may be especially useful when working on sharp metals.

Why Does TIG Welding Need Specialty Gloves?

The word welder is not often associated with the word artist. But in TIG welding, several skilled welders would have you know that it is most certainly an art form. TIG welding is known to be one of the most difficult welding processes to master.

It provides high-quality welds and needs a colossal amount of skill to be done accurately. And when done right, the results are nothing less than artistic wonders. So choosing the appropriate hand protection for TIG welding can often be tricky. 

TIG welders work in intense heat and want protection from it, but touch sensitivity is critical, so a generous amount of dexterity is needed. Also, let’s not forget the TIG wire, which is so sharp it could easily pierce through non-padded gloves and skin. The wide variety of small TIG welding gloves available means picking the correct one is a matter of identifying what safety traits are most valuable to you.

Tips To Remember Before Purchasing Your Gloves

If your only focus is TIG welding, then you should go for TIG specific welding gloves. However, if you are a welder that uses TIG welding as well as other kinds of welding, you might want something that is a more versatile option. 

Remember that no matter what kind of welding you do, never compromise on safety. Find a glove that offers both decent protection and functionality. 

All in all, if you are trying out TIG welding at all, you need a glove that will be sensitive enough to make intricate movements but sufficiently protective so you can be safe. 

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