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Content table

  • What do safety hand gloves mean?
  • Why use safety gloves?
  • Types of safety gloves:
  1.   Fabric gloves
  2.  Coated fabric gloves
  3.   Latex, rubber or plastic gloves
  4.   Leather hand gloves
  5. Kevlar glover
  6.    Vibration resistant gloves
  7.   Aluminized Gloves
  8.  Puncture resistant gloves
  9. Abrasion resistant gloves
  10. Dipped gloves
  • Selecting the right type of gloves
  • Supported and unsupported gloves
  • Hand protection from chemicals
  • What to consider while choosing safety gloves:
  • Comfort while working
  • Protection from cuts 
  • Conclusion 


Hands are the most valuable possession of a worker. About 40% to 60% of workers get hand injuries while working in the industries. There are different types of gloves for different purposes. There should be no compromise in the quality of the gloves because poor quality leads to poor protection. The worker should not wear more than one pair of gloves. Workers should wear the correct type of gloves to ensure protection.

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What does safety hand gloves mean?

Safety hand gloves are an important part of the safety products and the workers require them in the industries. These gloves prevent unnecessary wounds such as cuts, skin punctures, or burns due to heat or chemicals. The type of gloves used depends on the work environment. 

The manufacturers should use cloth, leather, latex, rubber, etc to make safe products.

The aircrews, doctors, police officers, firemen, gardeners, farmers, etc use these safety gloves. The safety gloves provide protection and comfort while working in harmful conditions.

Why use safety gloves?

These safety gloves provide hand protection. Hands are the most vulnerable parts while working in the industry. The workers are often exposed to hazardous conditions like high temperatures, sharp objects, and harmful chemicals.

The hands can get traumatic injury, contact or permeation injury, repetitive motion injury, and thermal injury.

To protect the hands from these injuries:-

  • The workers should follow the user manual.
  • They should use appropriate safety products.
  • Workers should use the correct types of gloves required in their work.
  • They should avoid wearing rings and other ornaments.
  • Should wash their hands in case they come in contact with the corrosive chemicals.
  • They should use machine guards and safety devices at all times.

Types of safety gloves:

As discussed earlier, different types of work require different types of gloves. Therefore, here is a list of different types of gloves:-

Fabric gloves:

These are the most common types of gloves. The workers should use fabric gloves when there is no requirement for a high level of protection. They are made up of thin fabric material. Fabric gloves are also known as cotton gloves. They protect from minor splinters and scrapes. However, they don’t protect against minor punctures and cuts.

Coated fabric gloves:

They provide more protection than normal fabric gloves. These gloves protect from punctures, cuts, and chemicals. The different types of coatings are polyurethane, nitrile, and PVC. However, the type of coating required depends on the type of job.

Latex, rubber or plastic gloves: 

These are form fitting gloves that allow movability and provide protection. These gloves have chemical solvents, biohazards, and other harmful substances. In the healthcare industry, latex gloves are the most common gloves .

However, the gloves do not protect from cuts and punctures. Therefore, the workers should not wear them when working with sharp tools and abrasions.

Leather hand gloves:

Leather hand gloves are the most desirable gloves. They provide grip, durability, and insulation. However, the gloves cannot be used when there is high temperature. In high temperatures, the leather gloves get shriveled and tend to dry and crack down when exposed.

Leather gloves are composed of thicker fabric than normal fabric. Hence, they provide greater protection.

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Kevlar glover:

These gloves are the most durable and hence are popular in the industrial sector. These gloves allow movability as well as provide protection. The kevlar gloves protect from punctures and cuts. The gloves are also used for lining another type of glass due to their durability.

Vibration resistant gloves:

Vibration-resistant gloves reduce the impact of extended vibration. By absorbing the vibration from vibrating tools, gloves transfer less energy to the hands. The vibration-resistant period gloves are used in construction, fabrication, and automotive industries. The vibration-resistant gloves are used in vibrating tools for extended periods.

Aluminized Gloves:

These gloves are extremely resistant to high temperatures. The aluminized gloves are the best type of gloves to use while working with heat. In welding, laboratories, and foundries aluminized gloves. The gloves can resist a temperature of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Puncture resistant gloves

They provide protection from cuts and punctures. The workers should use puncture resistance when working with sharp objects that could puncture. The workers should use puncture-resistant gloves in places like food service, construction, and warehousing. Furthermore, the woven design of the gloves makes them resistant to punctures.

 Abrasion resistant gloves

Heavy butyl or nitrile rubber or staple-reinforced leather are used in the manufacture of abrasion-resistant gloves. This rubber is resistant to certain chemicals and degradation or corrosion.

As personal protective equipment (PPE), gloves are used in environments where abrasive materials may be present. The amount of abrasive protection required by workers is dependent on the risk of abrasion.

Dipped gloves

The gloves offer extra protection from heat, cuts, and abrasions. These gloves are manufactured by dipping a glove into the desired mixture of coating.

The most common dipping materials are polyurethane, nitrile, sandy nitrile, latex and  foam nitrile. The dipped gloves are of two types: Fully dipped gloves and  half dipped gloves.

safety gloves

Selecting the right type of gloves

As discussed earlier, the safety products should be selected with care. One should consider all the risks involved in the particular industry and then carefully decide which types of safety products/safety gloves will be most appropriate for them.

A specific degree of protection should be provided by the workers. The degree depends on the risks the workers are facing while working with the chemicals. It is important to choose gloves based on their functions since some protective materials will be ineffective on certain substances and have effects on others. The manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed in the replacement of the gloves.

While selecting the appropriate gloves the worker should take into account the weather, temperature, durability, and seam and tear strength. 

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Supported and unsupported gloves

The process of manufacturing is the major difference between the supported and unsupported gloves .

Supported gloves

The supported glove is the one that goes through additional manufacturing processes. The manufacturers should use Nitrile, PVC, latex, polyurethane, neoprene, rubber, or silicone vinyl to coat the supported gloves.

It is necessary to modify these gloves in addition to the basic knitted gloves. The base of these gloves is basic knitted gloves . The supported gloves are reusable.

The buyer should make sure that the gloves are certified. RP Comtrade provides you certified gloves which provide you protection.  

The process of coating enhances the property of the gloves. Moreover, the supported glove contains the features of both woven gloves as well as the coating. 

Unsupported gloves

Rubber is used to make unsupported gloves. They do not compose woven fabric liners, unlike supported gloves. The gloves protect hands from biological hazards, chemicals, detergents, solvents, and solutions. These gloves are skin-tight and not reusable. The workers should follow the procedure of wearing and disposing of these gloves. Porcelain hand forms like neoprene, latex, rubber, butyl, and nitrile can be prepared by dipping the unsupported gloves. However, workers should use different types of gloves while dealing with different chemicals.

Hand protection from chemicals

Protection of hands should be the workers utmost priority. The person whose hands are likely to come into contact with the hazardous chemicals should take some extra precautions. The workers should be aware of the products available in the market for hand protection.

Before choosing personal protective equipment one should know something about the chemicals they are dealing with like:

  • The workers should know how to store the chemicals stored.
  • They should know the use of chemicals in their workplace.
  • The workers should be aware of the transportation of the chemicals.
  • They should be aware of the effect the chemicals can have on the skin if they come in contact.
  • They should know about the gloves that would provide the most effective protection for workers.

Our daily life involves the use of chemicals. Whether it be in the paints in the automotive industry or the chemicals used in the tile and toilet cleaners. We should take proper precautions while dealing with these chemicals. Furthermore, we should not overlook the risks and danger the chemicals can cause.

What to consider while choosing safety gloves:

One should consider the following things.

  1. Degradation: The rate of change in the material physically after exposure.
  2. Permeation:  The number of chemicals that seeps through after exposure.
  3. Penetration:  The movement of chemicals through the product on initial contact.

The gloves have a fast degrading rate, the worker should keep some replacement gloves. Gloves with good permeation ratings should be chosen if the chemicals are to be handled for a long time then.

Comfort while working

The comfort, protection, and performance of a pair of gloves are important features of safety gloves. Comfort should be treated as an important factor. In case the gloves are not comfortable for the worker then he/she will remove them, and this would lead to not following other safety measures.

Nowadays, there is no need to choose between comfort and protection. The glove manufacturers are making gloves that provide comfort without compromising protection and performance. 

There has been advancement in the moisture management of the gloves. This prevents the hands from being sweaty and hot. There have been many improvements to add comfort and movability to the gloves. There have been some improvements in giving the gloves the tendency to improve grip.

RP Comtrade is a company that values comfort as much as it values protection and performance. RP Comtrade manufactures comfortable leather gloves. The gloves manufactured by the company are moisture-resistant, movable, and have a grip.

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Protection from cuts

The cuts can prevent a worker from carrying out their work. Many things in industries can cause hand injuries to workers. When working in the industries the workers should be aware of the risks that they may face. Moreover, the workers should know the ways to prevent injuries.

The workers can prevent cuts by using cut-resistant safety gloves. Specially designed cut-resistant gloves protect the wearer’s hands from sharp objects by acting as a barrier.

High-performance materials, polyethylene, fiberglass, kevlar, and engineered composite yarns are used to make cut-resistant gloves. Moreover, the gloves are lighter, softer, and cooler.


Safety products are a very important part of every industry. Safety hand gloves are among the most important personal protective equipment for workers. These gloves are the most important factor in protecting the hands. Work environments make it difficult to follow the list of protective measures. The workers should consult the experts in case of any uncertainty. The manufacturers should provide the workers with professional advice regarding their safety. Moreover, the workers should follow all the safety measures and the employers make sure that the workers follow them.

The workers should follow the manufacturer’s guide to disposal. 

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