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Custom Leather Jackets for Men & Women

Custom Leather Jackets for Men and Women

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  • Introduction
  • Why should one buy a leather jacket online which is custom-made?
  • How to spot cheap leather 


Premium leather has always been in style. From famous celebrities wearing it on the red carpet to fearless bikers making leather jackets their signature look, it is definitely a style statement. If you want a leather jacket for women or you are looking for a leather jacket for men, you can go for a black leather jacket. If you are a style enthusiast or just generally want to upgrade your wardrobe, leather jackets are the ideal choice for you. But how do you know where to buy a leather jacket online? Well, today is your lucky day because we at RP Comtrade are exactly what you are looking for. From premium leather to fine stitching to long-lasting quality, we incorporate everything into each of our products. So why wait? Log on to RP Comtrade and see the magic. 

Why should one buy a leather jacket online which is custom-made?

Leather jackets are a timeless fashion

It’s a classic piece that should be in everyone’s closet. There are many examples of leather jackets for women around us.  Leather is still a popular choice for celebrities like Kate Moss and Madonna. It’s a piece you can use whenever you want to feel like the rebel you deserve to be. A well-made custom leather jacket is an investment, and the fact that it will endure for years to come makes it even more valuable. This is especially true if it is made to your specific measurements and style. 

Universal in style

One of the best things about leather is that you can pair it with almost any kind of clothing, which makes it easy to dress up or down. If it’s winter, then a thick leather jacket can offer you a sleek look. If it is summer, a thinner leather jacket over a nice dress can offer you an edgy and chic look.  

Custom-made leather jackets can withstand the test of time

A real leather custom leather jacket will last longer and hold up better over time. Additionally, it will improve in appearance with age, making it the most comfortable item you own. PU leather, which is essentially plastic and has a two-year lifespan, is not leather. Leather can last a lifetime if properly cared for. The best part is that when something is custom-made, it can be passed down through generations. 

Express your style 

When you get a custom-made leather jacket online, you get to align it with your personal style. If you would like more unique colors that bring out your personality, you can opt for those colors. A custom-made leather jacket for men would be well-fitting and also comfortable. Also, a custom-made leather jacket for women will fit and look better than a regular jacket. 

Leather jackets will bring a feeling of luxury

Investing in a high-quality custom leather jacket will pay off in the long run. Consider the cost-per-use rather than the price. We at RP Comtrade are here to make you a leather jacket piece that will not only elevate your own individual style while making you feel confident and safe.

Custom Leather Jackets for Men & Women

How to spot cheap leather

Leather is an investment. You can easily spot cheap leather from premium quality leather. But when you are searching to buy a leather jacket online, it can get pretty difficult. But if you are someone who struggles with spotting cheap leather or synthetic leather, let us tell you some easy ways you can easily spot it.

A product that does not expressly state that it is genuine leather

If the label reads “man-made material,” then it is unquestionably synthetic leather. But if it doesn’t say anything, it’s likely that the maker wants to hide the fact that the product isn’t real leather. Obviously, tags may be missing from used merchandise. However, the majority of manufacturers take pride in using genuine leather. They might mention things like “real leather,” “genuine leather,” “top- or full-grain leather,” and “made with raw products.”

Examine the surface grain, “pebbles,” and pores for imperfections and individuality that indicate genuine leather

In leather, imperfections are actually desirable. Remember that genuine leather is made from the hide. As a result, each piece is as random and one-of-a-kind as the raw material from which it originates. Machine-made pieces frequently have very regular, even, and similar grains. Remember: Real leather might have scratches, creases, and wrinkles—this is a good thing! Furthermore, as manufacturers improve their skills, their designs will more closely resemble genuine leather. This makes purchasing online, where you only have a picture, extremely difficult. 

Examine the leather for creases and wrinkles

Real leather, like real raw material, will wrinkle under the tough. Synthetic materials typically depress down under your finger while maintaining rigidity and shape. 

Smell the leather, looking for a natural, musty odor rather than something plastic-like or chemical-like

If you’re not sure what smell you’re looking for, go to a store that sells genuine leather and try on some bags and shoes. Inquire if they have any synthetic items and smell them as well. The scent differences will be unmistakable once you know what you’re looking for. You need to remember that real leather and fake plastic smell very different.

Use the fire test while keeping in mind that it will most likely destroy some of the goods

While there are few situations in which burning a product is preferable to leaving it alone, This experiment works best if you have a small, difficult-to-see area to test, such as the underside of a couch. To test it, hold a flame up to the area for 5–10 seconds. The charring of genuine leather is minimal, and it smells a bit like burnt hair. Fake leather actually catches fire and emits a burning plastic odor.

Real leather has rough edges, while faux leather has even, perfect edges

Machine-made leather appears to be machine-cut. Genuine leather is made up of many strands that fray naturally around the edges. Because there are no such strands in plastic faux leather, the edges are cleanly cut.

In real leather, bend the leather to see if the color changes slightly

When real leather is bent, it has a special elasticity that makes it change color and wrinkle up, like the “wrinkle test.” Comparatively, faux leather tends to be much stiffer and more regular, making it more difficult to bend. 

Sprinkle some water on the item as genuine leather absorbs moisture

The water will simply collect on top if the item is fake. However, genuine leather will quickly reveal whether it is real by quickly absorbing a small drop of water. 

Be aware that genuine leather goods are almost never inexpensive

The cost of a product made entirely of genuine leather will be high. Most of the time, they have set prices. For a better understanding of the differences between real leather, semi-leather, and synthetic leather products, shop around and get a feel for the prices of each. One kind of leather is pricey among all leathers because it is strong and simple to tan. Split leather is less expensive than top grain or belting leather because the underlayer has been separated from the top layer.

Ignore color because genuine leather can come in any color

Even though a bright blue piece of leather furniture may not appear natural, it is still likely to be made of genuine leather. Both synthetic and natural types of leather can have colors and dyes added to them. So when looking for real or faux leather, do not focus on color and