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Cut Resistant Gloves And Its Different Levels

Cut Resistant Gloves And Its Different Levels


We need protection in life especially if there is a heavy task and involves a lot of risks. In order to safeguard ourselves, we need to wear a protective kit that ensures no harm to the body. It also secures us from many dangers. An important part of this kit is hand gloves which are generally worn by welders, construction workers, mining workers, etc. They face heavy sparks and heat that could harm the hands and create burns and cuts that can be quite painful. So now you might have realized the importance of gloves. But another question that may come to mind is how one should compare a pair of gloves with another or determine the level of gloves suitable for each work. For the same reason, we have presented an article that explains the levels of cut-resistant  gloves and all their various features. So dive right into the article to understand cut resistant gloves and its different levels more in detail. 

When are Cut-Resistant Gloves Worn?

People wear cut-resistant gloves when there are chances of sharp equipment contacting the hands and causing a severe cut or injury. The hazard assessment generally indicates the cases where cut-resistant gloves are of utmost importance. They are apt for handling glass sheets, ceramics, metal, and other materials. 

Different Cut-Resistant Levels 

Certain organizations have set industry standards for cut-resistant gloves. One should check whether the gloves follow these standards and provide maximum protection. The two main standards are American Standard- ANSI/ISEA 105 and European standard- EN 388. The companies that manufacture their products according to these standards are of the best quality. Now let us understand the various levels of cut-resistant gloves.

American standard- ANSI/ISEA 105 

The American standard follows 9 levels of protection and each level indicates how many grams of cutting load a glove can withstand from a sharp blade before being penetrated.  

  • A1: 200-499 grams
  • A2: 500-999 grams
  • A3: 1000-1499 grams
  • A4: 1500-2199 grams
  • A5: 2200-2999 grams
  • A6: 3000-3999 grams
  • A7: 4000-4999 grams
  • A8: 5000-5999 grams
  • A9: 6000+ grams 

European standard- EN 388 

The European standard follows two different cut resistant tests- THE TDM 100 TEST and the COUP TEST. This means whenever you are purchasing gloves according to the EN 388, you will have to look at these two ratings. The following are the ratings- 

EN 388 TDM 100 Cut Resistance Levels- 

  • A: 2-4.9 newtons (204-508 grams)
  • B: 5-9.9 newtons (509-1019 grams)
  • C: 10-14.9 newtons (1020-1529 grams)
  • D: 15-21.9 newtons (1530-2242 grams)
  • E: 22-29.9 newtons (2243-3058 grams)
  • F: 30+ newtons (3059+ grams)

At times both the ratings of ANSI and EN 388 do not match the way you would expect them based on the cutting load. 

EN 388 COUP TEST Levels- 

Coup tests are a bit more complicated and in this process, a glove is assigned a cut level from 0 to 5 with 5 being the most cut resistant based on the material’s cut index. The cut index is a ratio that compares the product’s cut resistance to the cut resistance of a fabric made of cotton. Not all times the rating of the coup test will be accurate due to the dullness of the blade during the test. 

An example of accurate coup testing is when the word 3X44DP is visible with the mark which means that the glove has received a D rating on its TDM-100 test. The abbreviation of the above term is- 

  • 3- abrasion rating
  • X- cut testing or coup testing
  • 4- tier rating
  • 4- puncture rating
  • D- cut rating
  • P- Impact protection rating that means the glove has passed the impact protection test.
Cut Resistant Gloves And Its Different Levels

Which level of cut-resistant gloves should you use?

  • People that are doing jobs like heavy construction, rigging, rescue, mining, ironworking, or anything that puts them at higher risk for cuts and lacerations can use a cut resistance level of A5 or higher (ANSI) according to the American standards or they can use a cut resistance level of E to F (EN 388) according to the European standards whichever is preferable.
  • People working in services like recycling plants, salvage yards, electrical work, home maintenance work, and other related jobs that require good cut resistance but also a high level of dexterity and comfort can use cut resistant gloves between A3 and A5 (ANSI) according to the American standards or can use cut resistant gloves between the levels of C to E (EN 388) according to the European standards.
  • At times when it is safer to choose products with less cut resistance and one does not have to face risky situations where there are high chances of cuts and punctures then low level cut resistance gloves are the right ones for you. These kinds of gloves would be a great option when one needs agility and comfort with minimal protection. The jobs that require such gloves can be glass artistry, catering and food industry jobs, some types of electrical work and sheet metal work, and many more relatable jobs.

The Bottom Line 

To conclude, before buying any gloves one has to check the various features and specifications that are mentioned on the website in order to buy the ones that fit their purpose and requirement. A tip from our side would be to look for gloves that are of good quality and not just buy something cheap. 

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