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Do You Make These Common Leather Gloves Mistakes

Do You Make These Common Leather Gloves Mistakes?

Table of content

  • Introduction
  • Is wearing safety gloves important?
  • What injuries can we avoid when wearing the correct safety gloves?
  • Does choosing the right safety gloves matter?
  • Common Leather Gloves Mistakes


Leather is quite a luxury item. Maybe it is because making high-quality premium leather takes a lot of time and effort. This is also why leather is quite pricey to purchase. Inexpensive leather might not always be genuine, and the quality may not be up to the mark. However, real leather will withstand the test of time and still look brand new. If, however, you have faux leather instead, the color will fade quickly and the material will be sturdy, not bendy like real leather.

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Is wearing safety gloves important?

In 2011, 13,700 workers were injured on the job each day on average. About 20% of these injuries had handling-related causes. To keep workers from getting hurt, it is of the utmost importance that they wear the right safety gloves. Also, maintaining appropriate health and safety standards and avoiding costly days off due to injury. 

No matter the size of the company, maintaining a high standard of health and safety is crucial. Keeping employees safe and healthy is the top priority for any employer or business owner. As businesses have a legal obligation to provide this safety gear, ensuring that employees are wearing the appropriate protective clothing is obviously a key component of this. Employers must know what the rules are in their industry. They are responsible for making sure that their task force gets gloves that meet this standard and are right for the situation or range of situations where they will be used.

What is a healthy workforce?

A healthy workforce not only keeps workers safe but also has fewer accidents that lead to sick days. This is as a result of the 235 million production days lost to injuries in 2011. A business owner keeps the credibility of his or her company by following the safety rules for the industry. It makes it less likely that someone will sue them and makes it harder for the bad press to hurt them.

Similar considerations must be made as a worker or employee when it comes to wearing the proper safety gloves. Hundreds of consequences exist depending on the industry and the handling application. This can lead to the use of inappropriate or unsuitable safety clothing. 

Even a small cut or scrape on the hand can lead to an infection, which can cause you to miss work, pay for medical care, and have more serious health problems.

What injuries can we avoid when wearing the correct safety gloves?

By using the right safety gloves for the handling job and wearing them at the right times, you can avoid the following injuries:

  • Wounds caused due to puncturing the skin
  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Burns from heat and chemicals
  • Hazardous materials that can irritate or absorb through the skin
  • Excessive cold or heat (temperatures)
  • Bacteria and viruses (biological agents)
  • Loss of skin, nails, and fingers
  • Injuries from needle sticks
Do You Make These Common Leather Gloves Mistakes

Does choosing the right safety gloves matter?

Putting on or removing the gloves the wrong way

If properly taken care of, leather gloves can last you a good amount of time. You need to minimize the wear and tear of the gloves by not crumpling or stretching them. How do we correctly put on the gloves? When putting on the gloves, fold them over the cuff and gently pull them over the hand. The fingers are then smoothed down to ensure a snug fit. 

How do we remove the gloves? To remove the glove, gently pull the top of each finger and thumb, allowing the gloves to slide off the hand easily. If your glove has a strap, first unpop the fastening.  

Sticking to the trends and what’s expected 

For example, some traditions call for wearing an elbow-length satin glove. It would be way too formal to be wearing satin gloves in today’s world. Thankfully, modern fashion has evolved to allow for new glove styling techniques. What you can do is add your own twist to your gloves. For example, Lady Gaga! Until Lady Gaga arrived on the scene wearing bright red leather gloves, going to an awards ceremony wearing such gloves would have been unheard of. It’s debatable whether this extravagant ensemble was a bit excessive. But it definitely was able to catch the attention of the internet and the press. 

Wearing gloves where it can get too dirty

Nothing, no matter how hard anyone tries, can remain pristine indefinitely. During a rainstorm, water can get into your favorite gloves, and blemishes can ruin their appearance. You need to minimize the chances of staining your gloves wherever possible. When not in use, gently pull your gloves into shape and lay them flat before storing them in a cool place. You can save the box that the gloves arrived in to store your gloves. 

Buying the wrong size

This may seem like an obvious point, but there’s nothing worse than purchasing a new pair of gloves for yourself or a loved one only to discover that they are too baggy or tight. It is important to note that gloves should be snug at first but should be able to stretch to fit the hand within reason. Unfortunately, there is no getting around an oversize glove. When you are purchasing gloves, make sure you are using the sizing chart. If you correctly measure and buy your gloves, you will get the best-fitting gloves possible.

One type fits all

Your construction site may have distinct groups of workers who work in various departments. Some of them operate jackhammers and other similar machines, while others transport heavy loads. Because they work with different types of hazards, each of these categories requires a different type of safety glove. So thinking about buying one glove that will fit all of your employees is a big mistake. Determine the types of jobs that your workers will be performing at your site, and then select the appropriate gloves for each of them. At RP Comtrade, you can find the best gloves for all your safety concerns. So visit RP Comtrade and close the door to mishaps. 

Choosing a Glove Without First Conducting a Hazard Assessment

If you are buying leather gloves for safety purposes then you need to consider few things. Workers’ hands must be protected from cuts and abrasions. But do they stand a good chance of having an impact? Chemical exposure on certain occasions? Even if no such injuries have occurred, you must determine whether they are possible. Far too often, gloves are chosen solely on the basis of previous injuries, rather than attempting to anticipate potential hazards. A hazard assessment is absolutely necessary if you want to best protect your hand.