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We manufacture the best quality leather gloves that are suitable for all industrial purposes. Let us know what you are planning to use them for and we can even customize them according to your needs and comfort.

We like to maintain a large and diverse variety of gloves. We manufacture welding gloves, winter gloves, canadian gloves, driving gloves and other specialized gloves. All our gloves are safe and comfortable to use.

dual toned leather gloves

Canadian Gloves

We manufacture the best quality candian gloves made with custom stitching and great padding that gives a soft comfort everytime you place your hands on a surface. They are the best as they are made of thick leather. It keeps your palms protected from extreme conditions and safeguard your very precious hands.

black leather safety gloves

Driving Gloves

Driving with bare hands in hot or cold conditions can be stressful. That is why we have got you covered with the perfect driving gloves that give a good grip and comfort when you are driving. So get your windows down and start driving after wearing the comfy driving gloves.

blue safety gloves

Welding Gloves

Industrial work gets risky and all the tasks have to be done with proper precautions. Hence, we have got you the perfect welding gloves for heavy duties so that you can protect your hands from extreme conditions like heat and sparks. We make the best quality leather welding gloves.

red yellow safety gloves

Winter Gloves

Winters can be very tough when the temperature goes down. Our hands would definitely need that warmth and comfort that would make any job easier. We provide the best quality winter gloves with the best quality leather and in different colours and sizes. They also provide maximum durability and flexibility.

white leather gloves

Special Gloves

We also have other gloves available that can be used for activities like home construction, gardening, or heavy tasks that involve huge equipment and can cause harm to the hands. All the gloves under this category are multi purpose and come with a great quality and number of options to choose from.


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