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How Long Do Leather Gloves Last

How Long Do Leather Gloves Last?


Leather gloves are classy and stylish gloves that improve the look every time any of us wear them. Leather gloves can be quite expensive. Hence, it is necessary to buy gloves that are of good quality and that may last a long time. However, cleaning gloves without the proper technique can reduce their life cycle and damage the product easily. That is why we have got you an article that will explain whether leather gloves last for a long time and also ways in which you can improve the longevity of leather gloves

How to Maintain Your Leather Gloves 

Follow the three C’s in order to maintain your leather gloves 


The first point is to clean the gloves properly in order to avoid dirt and oil sticking to your gloves and damaging them further. In order to avoid this, wash your leather gloves by using a clean wet cloth. Also, lather it with a mild soap and rub it onto the gloves very gently. Once all the dirt is removed, clean them nicely with other wet cloth. Then, repeat the process if there is dirt left on the leather. 


The next c is an abbreviation for condition which means that you have to protect the leather beforehand. When the leather is of good quality, there is less dirt and moisture left on the gloves. In this way cleaning becomes easier and maintaining also becomes uncomplicated. The gloves should be sweatproof and absorb all the moisture while providing maximum safety and comfort to the wearer. 

Carefully Use

The last c is to carefully use the gloves in order to avoid any hazard. This basically means that you can avoid the tedious process of cleaning and replacing them time after time if you use them properly and keep them hygienic. Also, wear the gloves once you have washed them so that the gloves retain their shape and form. 

3 Things to be Avoided in the Case of Leather Gloves

To increase the lifespan of leather gloves, there are three points that should be taken into consideration. They are- 

Dry Out 

If you wash your gloves, they obviously need to be dried out. But drying can take almost an entire day and you might not have another spare pair of gloves. Therefore, the only option is to use other methods like blow drying or using other forms of heat. Well, let us inform you that it will damage the gloves and you will not be able to wear it again. So, never use fire, radiators, or any other form of heat to dry your gloves and let them dry naturally at room temperature. A tip from our side would be to wash them during weekends. Basically, whenever you have a holiday. This will make things easier for you.

Rot From the Inside 

There is an effect that can occur in your leather which is known as rotting. It generally occurs when oil or water is trapped inside the leather due to excess conditioning. In addition, it happens when moisture is trapped into the leather if it is not properly dried. This will make your gloves look a bit slushy and drooping and after a point of time you will not be able to wear it again. So make sure that the gloves are not rotted. 

Catastrophical Chemical Damage

Chemical damage can be a bit more difficult as compared to parched or rotted leather. This generally happens when the gloves are exposed to a lot of heat and sun or when harsh soaps are used to clean the gloves. So always use mild soaps and let the gloves dry naturally in order to avoid catastrophic chemical damage.  

How Long Do Leather Gloves Last

Strengthen the Leather Gloves 

Apart from cleaning and conditioning the leather gloves, one has to follow a number of passive things that can help your leather glove stay strong and comfortable for a longer period of time. Follow the three S’s in order to increase the longevity of your leather gloves 


The first thing to keep in mind is to store the gloves or place them in a place where there is no excess sunlight or moisture. A drawer or wooden cabinet would be the best place as it will also avoid dirt. Also the gloves should be laid flat or covered in a paper to avoid discoloration and wrinkling. The last thing is to let the gloves dry completely before storing them anywhere. 


The next s is concerned with stretching of the leather material. Many people have a misconception that gloves should not be stretchy or they can be of bad quality. But the truth is that leather is naturally elastic and after a certain period of time, as much as you will wear it the stretchiness will increase. 

Switch Around 

Give your gloves some rest because leather deserves a break once in a while. Because of the tough work, leather gloves can be a little weary or stiff. So switch around with another pair of gloves and increase the span of your gloves. 

The Bottom Line 

The gloves that are of high quality should last a lifetime. When they are of good quality, maintenance becomes easier and you do not have to worry about damaging them if necessary steps are adopted. With this you have to select gloves that provide extra comfort and warmth and make all the tasks easier and uncomplicated. If the gloves are of high quality and are taken care of properly then they can last for a long period of time. Hence,  you have to choose the right gloves from the right place. 

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