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How To Clean Leather Gloves Naturally

How To Clean Leather Gloves Naturally


Gloves are an important part of life. Especially if you are doing a heavy job or live in a cold place where winter gloves are a necessity. Winter gloves are worn every single day to work or during shopping or just a stroll to the park. Similarly driving gloves or welding gloves are worn almost every day if the job demands so. Therefore, it is important to keep the gloves clean.

During the covid situation, where there are high chances of contracting the virus, it is necessary that we stay hygienic. Hence, one should wash everything that we wear at least once a week. But one thing that is avoided the most is washing your hand gloves because of the fear of shrinkage. But here are a few simple steps by which you can wash your leather gloves naturally and the various precautions for maintenance of leather gloves. Explore the ways by reading further. 

Steps to Clean Leather Gloves Naturally 

Method 1- 

  • Take a paper towel or cloth and try finding a microfiber cloth. However, if not possible a paper towel also works well. Place the cloth under running water and allow it to get wet. Then, gently wring it out to remove the excess water. 
  • The next step is to take a soap which has to be mild and not harsh at all. Then just scrape the flakes out of it or use liquid soap and pour some on the cloth while rubbing it together. Create a lather of the soap. 
  • Then gently rub the lathered cloth on the gloves and try not to ruin the exterior. Work on places where there is more dirt and make sure that you clean them nicely. 
  • The last step is to use another clean cloth that is wet and just wipe out the excess soap on the glove with repeated rubbing motions. Make sure that you get all the soap from the gloves. 
  • Repeat the process again if there is extra dirt or soap left on the gloves. It is generally preferred to wear one glove so that the process of cleaning becomes easier. Lastly, just let it dry, and voila you have clean gloves ready to be worn!

Method 2- 

  • Put on both the gloves in your hands to wash them. In this way, washing becomes easier and it feels like you are washing your hands. 
  • Hold your hands under running water and wet the gloves while removing a little bit of the dirt. Do not hold it for more than 5 seconds and make sure that you do not waste water. 
  • The next step is to take a mild soap and rub it between the palms of your hands like you would do while normally washing your hands. You can also use a liquid soap that is mild in use. Soaps with lots of natural fats are considered to be the best ones for leather gloves. 
  • Lastly, just rinse the gloves again and make sure there is no dirt left and allow it to dry.
How To Clean Leather Gloves Naturally

Method 3-

For drying the gloves- 

  • Get a clean towel and put it on a flat surface and place the glove above the towel. Then fold the towel and gently press it on the glove to remove the excess water that is left after washing the gloves. Follow the same process for the other glove. Note that twisting the glove to remove excess water can damage the gloves. Therefore, make sure that you avoid it. 
  • Once the excess water has been removed, lay the gloves on a flat surface.Allow them to dry at room temperature after that. Make sure that you do not place them one over the other as the drying process can delay. The gloves may take an entire day to dry. Therefore, do not try to make things quick by placing them near fire or a radiator. As this might burn the gloves entirely. 
  • Wear the gloves at least 3 to 5 times while it is drying to make sure it takes the form of your hands again. If the gloves feel stiff, wearing them for a few days will help bring them in their original form. In addition, this will give them more stretch. 

You can also use a waterproof method by using wax for leather made by high-end brands. Although the appearance may change if the color is light, it will still be clean and hygienic. 

NOTE- never wash your gloves in a washing machine or fully submerge them in water. Also, use only natural drying methods as we mentioned before. 

Is Stretching of the Gloves Bad? 

People try to find ways in which they can avoid stretching the gloves and try to maintain their original shape. But it is not necessary. Leather is nature’s gift to the glove maker as well as the glove wearer. Its elasticity will allow the hands to pass through the narrow part of the glove and then for the glove to reform around the wrist or hands. So even if the glove stretches do not worry that it is probably of a bad quality because in reality, it isn’t. 

The Bottom Line 

In conclusion, maintenance of gloves can be a tedious task if an individual does not follow the proper method. Hence, it is recommended that you follow the above-mentioned steps. In addition, keep in mind all the precautions and necessary tasks. Also, if the gloves are not of a good quality then all of this may go to waste as the gloves will be damaged after only 1 or 2 washes. So make sure that you buy good quality leather gloves

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