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Why do we need safety shoes


Nowadays, many countries are accepting the compulsory safety shoes standards. In order to undertake the protection at the workplace, and thus to increase the importance of wearing safety shoes at the workplace. Boots and shoes with protective toe caps which protect the upper part of the feet. There are shoes with anti-vibration outsoles and ankle protection available in the market that provide more safety and comfort. Moreover, slip resistant shoes are available in the market too.

Importance of wearing safety shoes

With so many types of safety shoes and boots available in the market. There is no reason not to safeguard your feet, regardless of your work environment in which you are working. Working in a place where health and safety are fine controlled should be a priority for any workers. Be it a factory, an office and a building site, health and safety should never be taken in an easy way. The workers should always wear the proper safety shoes to ensure the maximum safety while performing your tasks.

So here is why do we need safety shoes:

Workers used to stand for a long time. Which is not an easy task for anyone, especially for the workers who perform dangerous or risky tasks. So it is important to wear comfortable safety shoes and a proper set to provide support and comfort to their spine and also helps in maintaining good posture. Hence, wearing the safety shoes will not only protect them from accidents but it also safeguards their health. So, the importance of safety shoes is to maintain your overall health.

Avoiding lawsuits

Safety shoes are important not only for workers, but also for the company owners. Because the owner doesn’t want to be sued. The use of safety shoes at the workplace is part of the rules and regulations of any company, which should be followed to prevent potential accidents at any moment. The companies should ensure that all the staff wear safety footwear when necessary, with the view to avoid any accidents and possible risks that may cost the health of your worker, time and resources. This is the other main reason in the list why wearing safety footwear is significant.

Different available security options

There are various types of safety footwear which are available in the market. This makes it easier for anyone to select the most appropriate shoes for their job and requirements. Wearing the perfect piece of safety footwear with the suitable protection against the particular risks of your job tends to prevent accidents.  It is obvious that nobody wants to get hurt while working and suffer permanent damage to the health of the workers. To avoid such risks during their working hours, it is important to follow the rules and regulations and to wear safety shoes, whenever it is required.

Enhancing Comfort

The main key to success is comfort. Especially when you’re going to be spending about 40% of your time wearing the same pair of shoes. Your workers will be able to carry out their work more efficiently when they wear fitted footwear which will prevent them from feeling fatigued too soon. Which in turn means they will be able to carry out their work more efficiently. So the main thing is that comfort should never be underrated.

Preventing Falls

The second normal mishap brought about by wearing some unacceptable size footwear in the working environment is tumble down. As most wellbeing boots and shoes are planned with an enemy of slip sole. So that can undoubtedly be tried not to give representatives security shoes in the work environment. You will actually want to relax realizing that your staff are working in a lower hazard climate. Consequently you can feel certain realizing there’ll be less mishaps going on in the locales. 

Prepared for all weather

If your staff is working outside or on site, then appropriate footwear is important. Your staff will be ready for working in all types of weather in the perfect pair of safety boots. Inappropriate footwear in less or cold temperatures can be quite dangerous. If your staff are working in low temps for a long period of time it can even lead to frostbite. 

This is the list of feet injuries that can occur with you, if you do not wear safety shoes at workplace:

  • Squeezed feet, broken bones and loss of fingers are the most common injuries in the construction sector. But they can also occur in the sector of forest and fishing.
  • Cuts on the feet – If you work with the nails, blades or piece of metal, here you take this risk by not wearing the safety shoes.
  • Cuts, ripping and severed fingers are common types of accidents for those who work with tools like chainsaws.
  • Burns on feet can be caused by chemicals or sprays of molten metal.
  • Electric shock is the higher risk for electricians and maintenance workers.
  • Sprains and fractures can occur in any kind of workplace and are generally caused by bad falls.

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