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Insulated Welding Gloves – Finest Protection In The Rough Environment

Insulated Welding Gloves: Finest Protection In The Rough Environment

The working conditions in which a person works, affects his overall productivity. For example, the work of a welder is extremely tough. He has to work in an extremely rough environment. Or work at a place where there is high radiation. It provides more protection as compared to other gloves. Thus in order to protect him insulated welding gloves are required.

What Are Insulated Welding Gloves?

These are a kind of welding gloves that have insulated lining in them. As the work of a welder is associated with extreme heat and high radiant energy he must protect his hands at any cost. These gloves are designed in such a way that they provide thermal protection.

Insulation And Welding Gloves

There lies a direct contact between insulation and the welding gloves. Due to the uncertain and rough working conditions, a welder requires gloves. Using insulated linings in the welding gloves makes them shock proof. Thus insulated gloves are worn by any person, he is protected from any kind of electrical shock. In addition to this, they provide certain other benefits too.

Benefits Of Insulated Welding Gloves

During the process of welding, gloves are necessary. In order to protect the welders, the government has also made the usage of gloves mandatory. Here are some of the benefits of the insulated welding gloves:

1. Shock Proof

The gloves are designed in such a way that it does not transfer any shock to the individual who is wearing them. Thus it protects the life of a welder. If the welder’s hands are sweaty, it absorbs all the sweat which leads to minimum chances of electric shock.

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2. Protection From Extreme Heat

Welders work in a high temperature environment. Thus the gloves protect them from the extreme heat. It also ensures that there are cuts or burns occurring while someone is welding.

3. Protection From Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet radiation is supposed to be very harmful and can even lead to diseases like cancer. During the process of welding a lot of heat is produced. Due to this heat, ultraviolet radiations are also there. If the welder does not wear proper gloves, it can lead to a health hazard. But if a welder is wearing insulated welding gloves, he is protected from those harmful ultraviolet rays and any future problems.

4. Comfort

Insulated welding gloves are soft and provide the best comfort while doing its duty. The augmentation makes sure that the gloves can withstand frequent and heavy use. The leather used in the gloves is of high quality which in turn improves the quality of gloves.

5. Enhanced protection

Your hands need extra protection when it comes to high radiation and a lot of heat. The insulated welding gloves should have the ability to disperse or dissolve the heat well. These welding gloves also provide you wrists which help the heat to not get to the hands.

The bottom line

When compared to the other equipment and safety gears that are used during welding, the insulated welding gloves are the least expensive. But safety wise they are the most important and necessary in order to protect your hands. The welder should ensure that he/she wears all the mandatory safety gear and must understand that it is for their own protection rather than behaving irresponsibly. 

Other precautions like wearing heat resistant clothes, avoiding direct exposure to high radiation areas, wearing noise cancellation ear pods to make sure that the ears are not harmed in any way, wearing heat insulated kit so that there is no chance of electric shock and also avoid wearing wet gloves or the chances of electric shock would increase. For more information related to this topic and other protective gears for Welders you can reach out to RP ComTrade.