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Leather Jacket For Girls – Styling The Winter Wardrobe

Air chill can be felt in most of India’s northern states. Also, soon there will be a need to wear several layers to stay warm. Leather jackets are a simple piece that any woman must buy, whether it’s a biker jacket or a fitted one. It is also a very flexible layering item and can quickly lift a basic combination of t-shirt and jeans. A leather jacket often fits a number of skirts, jeans, and even saris.

It is suitable for every lifestyle, whether it is for a girl vacationing in a country with low temperature or a person heading to work on an early winter morning, it suits all people from different walks of life. 

Here we have for you, different styles of leather jackets for girls which are very much in trend and go with almost every outfit:

Faux Leather Jacket in Red:

This red jacket is for anybody who wants to taste the vivid and bold colors of winter. The jacket often comes with a trendy cut, a flared hem, and a round neckline. The contrasting metallic zipper adds great contrast and looks flattering on anybody. This jacket would make a person look picture-perfect at winter parties.

Biker leather jacket for girls:

The deep navy faux leather jacket comes with a trendy collar design, a complete zip closure, and an attached leather belt to add appeal to its design. Trousers, pants, skirts, along with this jacket, will look trendy and keep you warm throughout the winter.

Slim fit outerwear leather jacket for girls:

The slim-fit jacket comes with soft linen that makes the wearer feel comfortable and looks trendy as well.

Waterfall collar leather jacket for girls:

This jacket features a waterfall hood, for a more relaxed approach. This jacket would be a perfect substitute for a winter coat, finding just the right balance between relaxed and fitted. Pair this tan jacket with white, black, and brown colors to reflect the much-needed warmth of winter.

Best places to get leather jacket for girls:

There are various places to get a leather jacket for girls online as well as through stores. E-commerce websites like Amazon, Myntra, and Flipkart have a wide selection of leather jackets for girls and should be checked out as well.

Some fashion brand stores such as Noora, Syedan, The Chalk Factory, etc. also deal in leather jackets for girls; however, it could be a little pricey for a common man. 

Some Indian retailers also make leather jackets for girls. RP ComTrade is something to look out for as they have an amazing collection of leather jackets. To support the Make In India initiative, these enterprises should be promoted and given recognition as well.

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What to pair a leather jacket with ?

In order to ease your trouble, we have found various apparel to pair with a leather jacket for girls. Such as:

  •  You can also wear it with a striped T-shirt along with slim-fit jeans.
  •  It goes well with silks be it a skirt or a top with jeans.
  • You can wear it with chambray tops and casual shirts.
  •  It looks well with boots as well as sneakers.
  •  It looks nice with printed and pencil skirts and it goes without saying that it suits with denim as well.

Given above are all the tried and tested clothing with which a leather jacket goes amazingly well. However, there is nothing wrong with experimenting as well. Recently many people have carried leather jackets with saris as well.

Types of leather for jackets


It is a kind of leather-like material. Plastic-based fabrics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU) are the most frequently used for synthetic leathers. Although it’s less flexible and sturdy than natural leather, it’s vegan and comes with a lower price tag. It is also called “artificial leather.”

Pineapple leather

The company provides the leaves, which are usually discarded from the pineapple industry. Technology advancement not only results in more natural, cruelty-free leather but also in an increased source of income for agricultural industries. Once the leaves are drained of the fiber, the remaining biomass is used as fertilizer or biofuel.

Apple leather

A sustainable leather made of apple peels. The method begins with organic apples picked from the Italian orchard, which are then juiced. The peels are reserved, ground into a fine powder, and then processed into plant-based leather used to make shoes.

Mushroom leather

Various businesses harvest mushrooms from a forest in Romania. It then makes them a soft, suede-like substance used to make wallets, hats, jackets, and sneakers as well.

Coconut leather

It is a versatile, robust, leather-like substance that is waterproof and free from plastic coatings and synthetic additives. It is manufactured with different types of thickness. It is also dyed as per the requirements.


Leather jackets for girls definitely have some show stealers which include robes black blazers made of napa leather, comfortable and soft nappa leather jackets with fake fur necklaces, lightweight women’s classic motorcycle leather jackets, and bolder black leather women’s jackets with laces.

Leather apparel is sure to fascinate shoppers this year and next year, when there will be a grand portrait of rugged leather fashion, leather motorcycle coats, blazers, kids leather jackets, ladies fashion bags, and wallets, etc.

It is not just about the style but Leather jackets are also used to provide substantial warmth on windy and snowy days. Most other styles of jackets cannot provide the same amount of protection from chilly winds as a leather jacket. A good leather jacket will protect one from the typical problem of heat loss and discomfort in the cold.

In the end, it is worth noting that companies like RP ComTrade that deal in leather clothing, particularly the winter range, will certainly make a style statement for this coming year as their jackets are not just trendy and stylish but also warm and comfortable to wear.