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Long Sleeve Welding Gloves: A Complete Guide

Long Sleeve Welding Gloves: A Complete Guide


Purchasing long sleeve welding gloves can be a complicated task without the right choice, and as they aren’t too expensive, most buyers fall into cheap traps of sellers. A common mistake made by the industries using welding gloves is that they save a lot of money by purchasing low-scale welding gloves at low prices.

One common problem most buyers face is they don’t know about the features of high-quality welding gloves, and hence they fall into the seller’s trap and have to trust the sellers over the quality of the welding gloves. Another criterion of concern is the large variety of welding gloves also confuse the buyers as to which welding glove is best for their Industry.

Let us explore some of the common types of welding, which can help buyers find the right welding gloves for industrial applications. We also find out which welding gloves out of ordinary welding gloves or long sleeve welding gloves are better for welding applications.

Different Types of Welding for Long Sleeve Welding Gloves Application


Tungsten Inert Gas Welding or TIG Welding

The TIG welding is well-suited for joining alloys in a robust and précised way. In TIG welding, there is a need to provide finishing to the welding gloves. TIG welding also requires a high dexterity level, so a worker has to select the welding glove wisely. Most workers love to select a welding glove as it is light and helps boost the dexterity of the TIG welding gloves.

On the other hand, there are not more heat splatters in TIG welding, which occurs in MIG or metal inert gas welding and stick welding. One can also purchase welding gloves with Kevlar stitching, which is a suitable lining for increasing TIG welding gloves’ grip.

MIG or Metal Inert Gas Welding

MIG or metal inert gas welding is one of the most efficient welding types as one can find MIG welding in most of the large-scale production industries. MIG welding also makes welding easy and quick, helping workers complete their projects before time.

MIG welding involves a lot of heat, and hence workers should wear long sleeve welding gloves as it can prevent burns on the skin. Wearing long-sleeve welding gloves can also ensure that workers are safe from ultra-radiation levels.

Stick Welding

Shielded metal arc welding is the oldest welding style. As one can perform stick welding at various workshops from scrap yards to automobile industries. Stick welding is also a prime choice of welding for industrial fabrication and construction sites in pipelines.

The amount of heat generated during stick welding is highest when we compare it to MIG or TIG, and hence it is a must for all the workers to wear long sleeve welding gloves for all kinds of stick welding projects to avoid major hand burns. Stick welding also generates a high amount of ultraviolet radiation, which is also carcinomic in nature and can lead to skin cancer in welding workers.    

Long Sleeve Welding Gloves: A Complete Guide

The Hazards That Long Sleeve Welding Gloves Protect You From

There is no doubt that welding is a dangerous job. Studies say that around 1 in every 250 welders suffers a fatal mishap on the job. And approximately 99.3 percent of welders have witnessed an accident happening at work. 

Most of these accidents are avoidable with welding gloves. As per the study, the most frequent injuries are:

  • 86.1 percent are injuries to different body parts like the fingers.
  • 78.6 percent are injuries due to sparks.
  • 86.1 percent are burn injuries

Personal protective gear is meant to keep you safe. Long sleeve welding gloves are a part of this equipment as they protect you from injuries, burns, and electric shocks. There are three kinds of security risks that welding gloves are presented to, warm, mechanical, and electrical.

How Gloves Work In The Case Of Hazards

Thermal safety hazards refer to spatter or sparks. Sparks can set fire to combustible materials in your work area. And cause injury if they land any exposed parts of your body including your hands. Wearing gloves, therefore, becomes a must while welding and long-sleeved ones are recommended for an added level of protection.

Coming in contact with hot metals while welding is common and can cause severe burns. Any exposed skin could be burned in the process, however, it’s your hands that are most prone to get burned. Thick gloves will protect you.

Often there are times that the metal you’re handling might slip while you are working. Quite a few welders have had a finger or two crushed between two metals or objects. An even more common injury are cuts, especially when handling sharp metals. Long sleeve welding gloves provide no-slip texturing for better grip to combat this.

If you are an arc welder, then you know that this process carries with it another brand of danger: electric shocks. Arc welding employs electricity to fuse metal. Long sleeve welding gloves also come with a water-resistant feature just for this purpose.

The Bottom Line

The reason for your welding gloves by the day’s end is to shield your hands from hotness and cuts. Continuously try to pick the best fitting gloves for your welding work.

Decide on welding gloves that are water-safe and furthermore dry rapidly. However long you recollect this, you can pick the most reasonable welding gloves for a work, meeting your by and by favored styles, and falling affordable enough for you. Finally, other than the material, sewing, and extra elements you pick, give the most extreme significance to the sturdiness of your gloves.

Not exclusively are long sleeve welding gloves exposed to the severest work conditions. Be that as it may, you will likewise be utilizing them consistently. So inferior quality welding gloves will rapidly get exhausted or tear, making them dangerous for you to wear. This implies you wind up buying all the more habitually. So decide to put resources into an excellent and durable pair. For more information related to welding gloves RP ComTrade is here to solve your queries.