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Men’s Leather Jackets – The Fashion Guide


It’s time for you to make a bold fashion statement with leather jackets that suit your look. New Leather fashion has appeared with great vigor, particularly among adults. Although men’s leather jackets have always been in the trend. Their popularity is slowly and gradually rising as everyone is interested in them. 

Nowadays, men’s leather jackets are sure to be one of the most amazing changes to the closet. Therefore it becomes important to make a good buy. If for no other reason, a decent leather jacket is one of the only long-term relationships you’re going to have in fashion. They’re made to last as long as possible and to match with more things than you would think.

The only problem with men’s leather jackets is that choosing the right jacket takes a lot of time. Hence, it is advisable to try out new shapes and sizes. It is important to find a style that suits you and makes you feel comfortable as well. The entire process may take some time but through trial and error, you will find the right option.

Quality of Men’s Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are usually of extremely high quality. As they are made to last long and hence can be a little pricey too. Many famous brands that manufacture men’s leather jackets quote high prices which take a toll on the pocket of a common man. Therefore, it is important to pick the quality material that suits the budget as well. Companies like RP Comtrade, have a wide variety of men’s leather jackets and are available at affordable prices too.

A ‘full-grain‘ leather jacket has the best quality and is available at steep prices too. Due to their thickness, they are rather stiff at first. They’re going to take some break-ins, but you’re going to be rewarded with natural charisma and a jacket that’s unique to you.

If you have a small budget, ‘top grain’ leathers are more affordable. They have natural grain sanded off and been stamped to give the leather an even appearance. If you look for something cheaper, you can find fantastic leather substitutes. Such as polyurethane, which would cater to those who want to look different.

After selecting a leather jacket, it is advisable to check for stains. Pockets shouldn’t be torn from inside and zips should run as smoothly as possible. It should also be noticed that it isn’t damaged from any side and suits your personality as well.

Style of Men’s Leather Jackets

There are various styles in men’s leather jackets such as:

Biker Jacket:

Originally worn, predictably, by motorcyclists, the asymmetrical cut was designed to enable riders to lean over their bikes without the fasteners cutting into the body.

The early examples included a snug fit with a D-pocket and lapels designed to clip or fold over each other and zip all the way up.

It’s mainly worn for a young, edgy look, so it’s better worn with slim-fit jeans. But it can be tossed over an Oxford shirt and knitted as a substitution for a blazer. Whatever you’re looking for, please make sure that whatever’s beneath is lightweight. So this look can be cut close to the body.

Field Jacket:

One of the most underestimated items of military menswear. The field jacket is a cold stone classic that was originally made in a cotton drill fabric, but has since been revised in leather.

It is also called M-65 and is typically slightly longer than other models, with several front pockets and belts on the waist. Often buttoned with a secret placket, it looks especially nice in rich brown leather. When it falls below the hip, it provides you warmth.

Bomber Jacket:

In recent years, the original flight jacket has become a bona fide favorite of men, and it’s not hard to see why. While similar to its basic form – a cropped body with a central zip and tailored waist and cuffs. It can be made of anything from glossy nylon to smooth, supple leather. It can be worn over Scandinavian T-shirts but the best pairing is raw denim with a plain white T-shirt or chambray shirt.

Racer Jacket:

Apart from military and sportswear, one of the main sources of men’s apparel is the automobile culture – racing shoes, ribbed-knee denim, and so on. When the culture gets combined with leather, an amazing piece of clothing is formed which is known as the racer jacket. It’s perfect for highlighting broad shoulders, or you can go for tougher leather if you’ve got more of a slight body outline.

Flight Jacket

Bulky, and with a shearing liner for comfort, it’s an investment item for both airmen and trendy civilians today. Ensure not to overdo the outfit, keep it easy and up-to-date with flat pants and a light sweater or t-shirt. 

Why wear a Leather Jacket?

There are various reasons as to why men should definitely make leather jackets a part of their wardrobe:

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The good thing about leather is that its tough-looking charm is timeless. We equate leather jackets with ruggedness, and rugged people have relied on leather since the early days of mankind. Style, attitude, class, and uniqueness, all these things are present in a leather jacket.

The leather jacket offers the wearer a sense of durability, skill, and brilliance. Even though it’s a very smooth and refined type of jacket. The attitude that doesn’t appear to be working too hard is tough to find. That’s one of the best reasons to wear leather jackets.


Personal armor used leather to shield nearly all of the human experience. Before the introduction of bullet-resistant synthetics in the 20th century. A strong leather jacket made of high-quality can handle all sorts of nicks and scrapes.

The same durability also offers a decent degree of weather protection. Leather acts as a windbreaker and is inherently waterproof; most jackets now often incorporate waterproofing compounds during the manufacturing process.


Its inherent longevity is the toughness of the leather. A leather jacket of good quality doesn’t crack or fall. If you maintain it well, leather can last for a very long period of time. Leather doesn’t have the vulnerability of a weave – the fabrics are matted to a natural solid, meaning there’s nothing to unravel. Hence, it lasts for a long time.


The leather jacket is definitely the most important part of your whole wardrobe. But note that it should be complemented by other items of your outfit. Hence, it is advisable to maintain a distance from contrasting colors, plaid shirts, or stone-washed pants. Too much design or color will take your attention from your leather jacket.

A leather jacket in any man’s closet is a must-have. It normally lasts for a very long time, hence it is important to buy the right one. Companies like RP ComTrade can provide you with an amazing variety of men’s leather jackets. Such that the minute you put it on, you will feel a boost in trust and beauty.