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Protective Clothing For Meat Butchers In Factory


We all need a level of protection in our lives in every single field. Just like miners need protective equipment while working in the mining field, meat butchers also need protective clothing while working in factories. The process of cutting meat is quite tedious and requires a large amount of strength and safety. There are various sharp tools and machinery involved in this process. Hence, one has to wear the right safety clothes and ensure that they do not harm themselves. Not just this there are various other risks involved that we will be mentioning further. 

To protect the workers, the owner of the factory has to provide certain protective equipment. These protective equipment will be listed down in the article. So dive into the article and learn more.

Risks involved in meat butchering industries

Before we start talking about the protective clothing for meat butchers, it is important to understand the various risks involved and how they can be avoided.

Knives, cleavers, and handsaws

Deboning operations are generally quite hazardous and involve sharp tools like knives, cleavers, and handsaws. In such a case there are chances of cuts or major injuries that may occur while cutting the meat. These tools require proper assistance that is given by the experts to the staff members.

Falls/ slips, and trips

Tripping while carrying a knife or falling against a dangerous machine, say a bandsaw, could result in serious injuries. In 90% of the cases, slips occur when the floor is wet. On an average there will be 40 cases of slip resulting in a no or minor injury for every major injury accident that occurs. There is a huge involvement of water and other liquid material in a meat butchering factory. Also, there may be instances when workers do not notice it and accidentally slip over it. So all falls and trips should be recorded no matter how small or big the injury is, and necessary actions should be taken in order to prevent the same.

Use of machinery

Use of dangerous machineries like bandsaws, mincing machines, bowl cutters, and slicers in butchery premises is common. Many people face major injuries due to this heavy machinery in cases where someone might have lost their finger or even their hands. Hence, adequate space should be provided to the workers as well as the machines. Moreover, it is extremely essential that workers should be trained properly before using any of these machines. Maintaining the equipment in good condition is another thing that needs to be taken care of. 


Chemicals that are used for cleaning can be quite harmful. When the chemicals come in contact with any part of the body and are not washed immediately, it can cause many skin problems and prove to be hazardous. So use of proper guards while there is involvement of chemicals should be mandatory.

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Electric shock

The wet conditions that may be present in the factory premises can increase the chances of electric shock. If the hands are wet for some reason, and the individual immediately touches any electrical equipment, it can cost them their life. Hence, taking necessary precautions is important while also ensuring that the electrical equipment is taken care of.

Manual handling

Lifting, carrying, and hanging sides of meat can cause back problems. One has to ensure that they do not take these risks if they already have a back injury. In addition, they should try to carry less weight. Manual handling of heavy things can be difficult. Therefore, the owner of the factory should see to it that there are heavy weight carrying machines available. This could reduce the burden and ease the process as well.

Personal protective equipment to wear

Let us now move on to the main part and see the important clothing items required to be worn in a meat butchering factory.


The first protective equipment which is the most important is hand gloves. It protects the workers hand against injuries and cuts. Gloves like cut resistant ones reduce the chances of cuts and abrasions and allows the wearer to work efficiently.


The next equipment is goggles that protect the eyes of the worker while cutting meat. There are tiny particles that may come out while cutting meat, and these small particles can cost heavily. So good quality goggles are a must and need to be worn throughout the process.


Masks are important for the workers for their protection. Also, it is essential so that germs or bacteria do not stick on the meat and cause diseases. So proper masks that provide good protection are necessary. 


The last thing that is equally important like the above-mentioned equipment is an apron. It is worn over the clothes and made of plastic, cotton, or leather. Wearing an apron helps you to prevent the meat coming in contact with germs, dust, dirt, hair, and whatever else might have been floating around you throughout your day. A good quality apron with fit straps and strong fabric is important. In addition, it should provide comfort and flexibility to the worker at the same time.

The bottom line

Lastly, whatever the profession may be, it is important that each individual wears the right equipment. It protects us from hazards or injuries. As the owner of a meat butchering factory, it is the individual’s duty to provide the right PPE kit to the employees. Also, it is their moral responsibility to train them properly. One has to do a good research and find the right company that provides the best quality material. 

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