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Should You Buy A Pair Of Black Welding Gloves


The dangers involved in a regular welding session is no secret. Welders deal with a volley of sparks a day and a fuming flame on a daily basis. They risk their lives each and every day to ensure that the work is done efficiently and effectively. Keeping yourself safeguarded when welding is of supreme importance and the market offers various types of Welding Gloves that can help to prevent damage to your hands. While protection of the entire body is of the most importance, a pair of decent black welding gloves in the market can really do a big favor. The reason we specifically mention black welding gloves is because these gloves do not get dirty due to continuous exposure of sparks and oil and can be used for a longer period of time. 

For good reason, welding is a job that demands high-quality PPE. After all, a welder works in physical situations that are extremely strenuous and tough! Their industrial environment is known to be the roughest. Working around multiple hazards, they face getting burned every day quite literally. Hence, buying a pair of welding gloves is of utmost importance. Lets understand the features of these gloves a little bit in detail. 

Significance Of Picking Good Gloves

It is pretty obvious that welding anything without gloves is astonishingly dangerous (and a little crazy) but it’s fairly risky to try your hand at welding with a glove that isn’t suitable. While your backyard gloves may never have let you down before, subjecting them to a naked flame is much different from your weekend gardening sessions. Nowadays, a nice pair of black welding gloves are carefully coordinated to the requirements of those undertaking hot works, shielding from heat and abrasion, and hence finding a perfect pair couldn’t be simpler.

Welders require gloves that offer maximum protection from flames and high temperatures. However, it is important to remember that a welding glove should do more than provide standard protection from cuts, flames, heat, and sparks. Your gloves should also offer comfort and excellent dexterity! So the right pair of gloves can increase your productivity. The black gloves particularly will ensure that the heat and spark do not make them dirty or grimy. These gloves should also provide a kevlar stitch with a high quality leather that provides flexibility. As we mentioned above, the task of welding leads to heat exposure which will create a lot of sweat that can prove to be harmful. So a good welding glove should be sweat proof, that is it should absorb all the moisture from the hands and give a maximum grip while welding.

Choosing a conventional set of black welding gloves

The right welding gloves can make an immense difference in your welding speed, skill, and safety. Not to forget black welding gloves would also look very stylish as black is everyone’s favorite color. As you measure the right welding glove for your work, look for the perfect balance of flexibility and protection. Here are some general guidelines to use when coordinating a glove to a welding process.

Classifying welding gloves According to Welding Processes

While some welding gloves can be used for various welding processes, not all of them can perform versatile roles. Sorting according to your process is a very focal task and very influential for your ease and quality of work. Most thin TIG gloves are unsuitable for stick welding while some MIG gloves may not give the flexibility required in order to effectively TIG weld. Hence it becomes absolutely important to choose according to the type of welding task on your hand.

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Learning Leather

Most welders like to pay some extra for smooth, delicate, slight material. The grain permits welders to have more control and development while working. Split leather is a lot thicker and gives more assurance at the expense of forfeiting adaptability. Various kinds of leather utilized for welding gloves have various aids and curses.

Gloves that have insulated linings protect areas exposed to intense radiant energy. All kinds of leather welding gloves provide some form of insulation and thermal protection.

Personal Preferences

One can read all the articles or engage in every talk about welding gloves but in the end, it is your personal preference that plays a key role in your decision. Selecting an adequate pair of black welding gloves for yourself ultimately also depends on your personal factors such as your size, your comfort and your flexibility.

What To Look For In Your Gloves

Here are some important features to look out for in your pair of black welding gloves:

  • Durability
  • Puncture and tear resistance
  • Heat insulation
  • Electrical insulation
  • Moisture resistance
  • Dry hands inside gloves
  • Flexibility and pliability
  • High quality
  • Long-lasting
  • Well-made seams and edges

Welding gloves must provide a high level of safety. However, other factors should not be ignored. It is equally crucial that they offer full freedom of movement for accuracy of work. Particularly, when working on intricate processes and welding smaller objects.

Some gloves are so thick that they do not permit welders to lift a coin from the floor. Keep in mind that the best quality welding gloves promote agility and accuracy, while also providing a secure grip to welders. Black welding gloves are instrumental for this purpose. The gloves must maintain the right balance of proficiency and safety.

The Bottom Line

Your welding gloves determine a lot of your work performance, safety and comfort. Keeping all the constituents in mind, regular black welding gloves for your hands is an important part of any welder’s job and ignoring it could lead to severe injuries as well as regret. Do not go for gloves that are cheap in price or quality, just buy something that can be used for a longer period of time. RP ComTrade will guide you further.