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Stick Gloves – The Best Welding Gloves

Welding for sure is a difficult activity to do. The working conditions are unusual and are not suitable for every person. Thus one must have complete safety while performing the process of welding. In the context of this process, stick gloves are widely used for welding.

What Are Stick Gloves?

Stick gloves are mostly used in the process of welding. These gloves are most popular in the stick welding. It is also known as the Shielded Metal Arc Welding, full form of SMAW. This kind of welding is most difficult to do, thus more safety and protection is required. Stick gloves made using a thick leather are some of the leathers for preparing the gloves. The gloves used for stick welding are not required to be extra thick because compared to other welding processes this process gives off the most amount of heat. 

Stick gloves are generally preferred when a welder has to weld steel structures for building or house construction. The stick welding method uses electricity to create an arc that will fuse two metals together. The process is quite difficult and risky and if one avoids wearing the protective gears it can lead to dangerous health hazards.

Why Stick Gloves?

Now here comes the question: Among all the types of gloves that are found in various shops, there must be a reason for choosing the stitch welding gloves. Despite so many gloves being available in the market for the purpose of welding, why should you opt for stick gloves? Here are some of the reasons to buy them:

1. The Welding Process

Stick gloves are used in a special type of welding known as shielded metal arc welding. This welding is quite different from the simple welding. Thus when the process is different, so is the safety equipment.  

2. Thick Gloves

Stick gloves in comparison to the other gloves are of thick material or leather and only a particular type suits them. Due to more thickness, they offer more safety and protection to the person who is wearing them i.e the welder. 

3. Protection From Heat And Spatter

During the SMAW i.e the Shielded Metal Arc Welding a lot of heat is produced. Alongwith the heat, a lot of spatter is also produced. They both can cause scratches or any other problem on the hands of the welder. Thus the stick gloves provide them with advanced protection.

4. Flexible

The stick gloves are really flexible in usage. They can be used while performing normal welding processes. 

5. Comfort

The stick gloves are very comfortable as they are flexible and lightweight. They are sweat proof and do not feel greasy or wet after wearing them for a long period of time.

6. Light weight

The stick gloves are very light weight and weigh around 140 grams. After wearing the gloves, one would not feel the weight of it which makes it the perfect glove.

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7. Preventing burns

As the gloves are made of thick leather, there are minimum chances of burns and direct heat exposed to the hands or wrist. 

8. Puncture resistance

While the most important risk that welders face is burning their hands, there is one more thing that can be hazardous. While welding, there are chances of cuts or scratches which will not be so deep, but once the area gets infected it can be very dangerous. After getting scratches or cuts, the basic work also gets delayed which leads to delay in the work. In this case, stick gloves can be very useful and prevent the welders from such incidents. 

When To Use Stick Gloves?

In general, normal welding gloves such as thin gloves are used while welding. But there are certain situations when a welder is required to wear only stick gloves. Those situations are as follows:

  1. While welding iron
  2. When welding stainless steel
  3. While welding steel
  4. When welding aluminum
  5. While welding copper alloys
  6. While welding nickel. 

Factors To Consider While Choosing Stick Gloves

When you are going to select or purchase stick gloves, there are some of the factors that you need to consider beforehand. These are as follows: 

1. Ultraviolet Radiations

The SMAW welding process emits a lot of uv rays. They can even lead to eye issues, if proper safety is not considered. Choosing strong and  shielded gloves becomes necessary in this case. Thus go for stick gloves. 

  2. Insulation

When performing welding, the insulation i.e the temperature increases a lot. The temperature mostly ranges to 3000 degrees. Stick gloves provide you protection from this high temperature.

3. Price 

Gloves can be bought very easily in any shop and at any cost. But it is very important to find the right gloves with a high quality and not just look for cheap products. Take your time before buying the gloves and not take decisions in a hurry as the gloves can be harmful if not bought at the right quality and price. Look for its durability, ability, and protection and then choose the perfect gloves.  

4. Protection 

In stick welding gloves, you would first look for heat protection and then you would check its adroitness so that you can work skillfully and with ease. Read all the features of the gloves and buy them after ensuring that they can protect your hands.


There is nothing more censorious than doing heavy tasks like welding and wearing the right protective gear is very necessary. A number of things can go wrong while welding and taking necessary precautions is mandatory. You have to ensure that you choose the right gloves that best suits your work and gives you comfort at the same time. Thus it is clear from the above mentioned facts that how much stick gloves are necessary while performing stick welding. This welding is done on heavy metals, thus the protection becomes more important. There are multiple reasons to select stick gloves. The major thing to consider is the factors before selecting the stick gloves. RP ComTrade will guide you for more relevant data.