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The A - Z Guide Of safety trousers

The A – Z Guide Of safety trousers

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  • Introduction
  • What types of safety trousers should you look for?
  • Features should your safety trousers have
  • What should you look for in safety trousers?
  • What are safety trousers?
  • Why should you wear safety trousers?
  • Where can you buy safety trousers


Compared to typical clothing, the workwear worn by individuals working in the trades, construction, or engineering has a harsher function. These physically demanding jobs require uniforms that guarantee the wearer is always visible, at ease, has freedom of movement, and is safe from workplace hazards.

For people who work in the facility industries, safety trousers are very crucial. Safety trousers must be able to resist the constant heavy work because many coworkers are frequently bending, leaning against items, and working on their hands and knees.

Finding high-quality, long-lasting safety trousers, however, can be difficult. Alexandra has written this essay to outline what you should watch out for in light of it.

We’ll go through the different kinds of construction safety trousers that are out there with one of the best leather manufacturers “RP Comtrade”.. The fabrics you should choose, and any features you might require. We’ll also assist you with any other inquiries you may have regarding this mandatory attire for anyone working outside or close to large machinery.

What types of safety trousers should you look for?

The A - Z Guide Of safety trousers

Safety trousers are categorized based on the materials they are made of or the task they perform in a particular environment. Below, we’ve split each one down.

Safety trousers

Standard safety trousers are reliable and appropriate for a variety of jobs and settings. They are a flexible substitute that is normally offered in straight leg versions.

Our Tungsten Holster collection is an illustration of excellent professional attire. These stylish and practical cargo pants are made of durable ripstop fabric, the best material for long-lasting clothing. These trousers will work as hard as you do with additional holster pockets for storing your essential tools and contrast knee pad pockets.

Waterproof trousers

You must work through the occasional downpour because construction sites are open all year. Waterproof trousers are a must in those conditions if you want to be warm, dry, and healthy while working comfortably.

Unisex waterproof trousers from Alexandra are a terrific value and suitable for a variety of occupational roles. They have an elasticized waist for comfort and a nice fit, and they are lightweight and practical. For the best protection, pair them with our W229 Anorak.

Safety shorts

Safety shorts are perfect for hotter weather when trousers may make you overheat because they are frequently manufactured from the same tough material. Additionally, they provide more mobility than trousers , particularly while bending or kneeling.

However, it is crucial to always be aware of potential safety risks when donning safety shorts. As a result, when choosing shorts, you should also take workplace regulations into account.

Try our safety trousers from one of the best leather manufacturers “RP Comtrade”. They’re perfect for keeping your most-used handheld equipment near at hand because they have two hip and back pockets in addition to a side leg cargo pocket.

Hi-vis trousers

For engineering or roadside work, hi-visibility trousers are perfect for high-risk environments. They are designed to keep you dry and protected from the elements while also helping you stand out and be seen at all times.

Our high-visibility overtrousers keep you dry and more visible. The elastic waist and adjustable ankles, which come in yellow or orange, guarantee a secure fit and comply with EN471 class 1 and EN343 class.

Safety Trousers with Padding

Knee pads can be stored in a special bag on padded trousers. Plumbers, builders, electricians, and gardeners, among others, favor them because they aid in providing protection and comfort when kneeling.

Features should your safety trousers have

Your comfort, enjoyment, and productivity during your shift can be considerably increased by selecting safety trousers with the appropriate characteristics. These are the key characteristics to watch out for:

  • Holster pockets are used to hold equipment and tools.
  • Reinforced pockets: for the secure storage of important items.
  • Reinforced hems: to keep the trousers from fraying or getting damaged while working.
  • Without the requirement for knee protection, knee support can offer better knee support and enhanced durability.
  • Increased range of motion is possible thanks to stretch panels, especially at the knee.
  • Stretch fabric: for ease of movement and comfort while working.
  • The behind-knee vent and knee pad compartments allow for the insertion of padding and air flow, respectively.
  • Comfort is enhanced with breathable fabric, which helps workers stay cool while working, especially in warmer areas.

What should you look for in safety trousers?

There are a number of things to take into account when buying safety trousers to make sure you get the PPE that will keep you safe.

Consider your role

To ensure that the clothing you wear provides you with the appropriate benefits, you should think about what you do on a daily basis rather than choosing your trousers randomly.

For instance, if you’re a plumber who frequently works on your knees underneath cabinets, you can choose premium safety trousers with kneepads. Conversely, if you are safe as a builder during the summer, you might consider wearing shorts instead of trousers.

Consider whether they’re compliant to industry standards

Workplace trousers are no different from other workwear items in that they all have regulations that they must go by to keep you as safe as possible.

Make sure the provider is reliable and produces uniforms in accordance with the most recent safety requirements for your business.

At RP Comtrade, we manufacture a broad selection of work attire that complies with the strictest safety regulations for both men and women working in the trades.

Choose your preferred leg fit

You might also want to think about whether you want your trousers to fit looser or tighter around the legs. This may come down to personal preference, but it may also depend on the task at hand and how much movement the trousers will need to accommodate. You don’t want to purchase smaller trousers just to find that you require more space for knee guards.

Think about what features you need

You should consider your work activities. Are you in need of more pockets? You want to consider purchasing knee guards for your safety jeans. These minuscule details will make the difference between good and outstanding safety trousers that are secure and practical.

What are safety trousers?

The most popular work and safety attire, also referred to as workwear, are safety trousers. When conducting duties in the office or outdoors, particularly in harsh, dark, or potentially hazardous environments, they are meant to provide comfort and protection.

You may find safety trousers in a variety of styles, sizes, materials, and colors to find the perfect fit for your profession or environment. They can be adjusted to specific desires, including various waist sizes and leg lengths for comfort and functionality, much like ordinary trousers.

While certain safety trousers, like hi-vis, are only intended to keep you safe, others have a range of functions to keep you comfortable. Examples from the past include the capacity to install knee guards and various storage areas for tools and equipment.

Why should you wear safety trousers?

Work trousers are an example of personal protective equipment (PPE) that are designed to keep you safe while working by shielding you from harm. One type of personal protection equipment that can cover the entire body is a pair of trousers.

PPE is essential for several reasons, but safety is the most crucial one. There are several types of protective trousers, each with a distinct level of protection for certain situations. Choosing the right  safety trousers for the job is crucial. Since they can protect you from threats like chemicals and extreme temperatures.

Where can you buy safety trousers?

The greatest work trousers that men and women require for the trade and service industries are available from RP Comtrade, one of the best leather manufacturers  in a variety of styles.

To ensure safety, comfort, and convenience, our product line offers workwear solutions with knee pad pockets, multiple pockets, and reinforced knees.

Additionally, we provide gloves, jackets, and workwear trousers.