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Leather Armguard for Welding

Top 5 Reasons To Use Leather Armguards For Welding

 Welding as it is the fabrication process in which two metals or thermoplastics are joined using high heat. It is well known to us that mechanical engineers and metal workers have to weld metals on multiple occasions. This is one of the primary tasks in mechanical fields. Besides that, it is also a dangerous task in itself. In the early days, forge welding was the only method for welding. But nowadays there are multiple and advanced ways to weld two metals. Modern methods include a gas flame, electric arcs, lasers, and even electron beams for welding. No matter how advanced the technology gets, these are very dangerous to handle. Hence we should use leather armguards for welding. And therefore, safety precautions, as well as safety gears, are a must while doing jobs such as welding.

Brief Knowledge Of What Can Go Wrong

Before knowing why we should use leather armguards, it is important to know what can go wrong. The most common injuries and ailments are as follows: respiratory injuries for inhalation of toxic fumes. Taking in toxic fumes while welding can cause breathing problems. The absence of correct earthing and irresponsible handling of loose wires can result in electrocution. UV exposure and radiation exposure can result in physical illness. Working in the presence of loud noise without an ear protector can cause hearing loss. Hot metals are handled during welding. Irresponsible handling can cause minor to severe burns.

To protect one from any accidents the first and foremost thing one should do is to wear a welding helmet, face shield, safety glasses, heat resistant jackets, aprons, ear muffs, boots, and gloves. Besides, one should be careful about his surroundings so that there is enough room to move about freely. Adding to this, one should check for faulty wires to prevent chances of electrocution.

Arm Guards protect your arms from different types of physical injuries. Different types of welding arm guards can be found in the market depending on the material they are made up of. Armguards can be made of the following primary materials :

  1. Leather
  2. Kevlar
  3. Flame retardant cotton
Leather Armguards for Welding

Here we will be discussing why leather arm guards are superior to the others.

Five reasons for wearing leather arm guards are as follows:


Leather is heat-resistant and it barely burns. If we put leather items near the heat sources, they will shrink or maybe curl.But they barely catch any fire. Therefore it is better to use leather in arm guards.

Good Insulator:

Leather is a good insulator. Arm Guards made of leather can be cooler than.

High Resistance To Tear:

Leather is highly resistant to tearing. But as the quality of leather varies there may be differences in its endurance. But overall they are suitable for rough use.


Leather is permeable to water vapor. This means that it has the capacity to absorb and pass water vapor through them. Therefore it absorbs perspiration and makes it comfortable to wear for a longer duration.

Poor Conductor of Electricity:

Leather is also a poor conductor of electricity. This protects the user from accidental contact with electricity. In case the user accidentally touches a live wire, there won’t be any fatal accidents due to the insulation properties of leather.


Leather armguards are very suitable for handling dangerous tasks such as welding. It is not only budget-friendly in comparison with other material bases hand garments but also provides protection.

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