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Voltage handling power of leather gloves

Voltage Handling Power Of Leather Gloves


Working with electrical wires can be dangerous. They may look like thin wires but contain a large amount of current that can injure the person badly. Hence, wearing the right protective equipment is mandatory. An important part of the protective equipment is the leather gloves. They add a layer of protection to your hands and help you to avoid burns and injuries that can stay on forever.

Among these various types of leather gloves, insulation gloves are an important article of protection from fatalities and accidents. There are quite a few points that have to be taken into consideration before buying these kinds of leather gloves. For instance, their functionality in terms of resisting electric power or their adherence to international standards should be checked. The gloves should be comfortable and a good fit for the wearer.

 But how can one understand the actual voltage leather gloves can handle? Do not worry as we have got you all the details in this article. So keep on reading further.

System Of Electric Leather Gloves

Electric leather gloves comprise two parts that are combined to form a glove system. The inner part consists of a rubber-insulated glove and is classified by the kind of protection and voltage that they provide. While the second part that is the leather protector gloves are worn over the rubber insulating gloves. They provide protection against cuts and punctures.

Selecting The Type Of Leather

The outer layer of gloves, that is the leather protector gloves, are made from bovine leather and it provides excellent durability and comfort to the hands of the wearer.

Classification Of Gloves

Leather safety gloves are classified depending on the level of voltage protection that they provide. Also it depends on whether they are ozone resistant or not. There are 6 classes of gloves that consist of-

Class 00

This class includes gloves made for low voltage. They are proof tested at 2500 volts for maximum use of 500 volts.

Class 0

This class includes gloves made for low voltage but they are proof tested at 5000 volts for maximum use of 1000 volts.

Class 1

The next class includes gloves for high voltages and they are tested at 10000 volts for maximum use of 7500 volts.

Class 2

The second class includes gloves for high voltage. The gloves are proof tested at 20000 volts for maximum use of 17000 volts.

Class 3

This class of gloves includes gloves for high voltage. The gloves are proof tested at 30000 volts for maximum use of 26500 volts.

Class 4

The last class of gloves includes gloves for very high voltages and the gloves are proof tested for 40000 volts at maximum use of 36000 volts.

Voltage handling power of leather gloves

Size Of The Glove

The size of the gloves depends on whether you want a tighter fit or a loose fit. It is generally preferred that you buy tighter fit gloves as there is no risk of them coming out during the process. It may also give you a good grip on things. The sizes are generally available for all hands in different colors and classes. The class should also be chosen accurately after doing thorough research about the voltages.

Certain Level To Follow For Electrical Safety Gloves

When it comes to PPE kits, there are certain standards that are to be followed to ensure that the equipment is tested and safe to be used. The CE standard is most popularly used as a worldwide standard and the CE mark stands for conformity with the European standards and guarantees that the equipment meets safety standards. Some of the tests consist of-

  • EN 388- Mechanical properties test
  • EN 420- General glove requirements test
  • and EN 60903- High voltage gloves


There are certain precautions that are to be taken when selecting the right set of gloves for each and every job. There are different types and classes of gloves that we have mentioned before. Also, it is important to label the different gloves being used according to their type and classification. Adding signals near the area or locker where the gloves and other protective equipment are stored is a good way of reminding the employees about the right gear for their respective jobs. Another thing that the wearers have to keep in mind is to wear all the relevant components of the glove system.

Testing And Inspection

An essential thing to consider when selecting electrical leather gloves is that they must comply with all the international and national safety standards. Once the gloves pass this test, it is important to field test the equipment again and again before using them practically. The approach for testing electrical gloves varies with each facility and condition. It is also important that the individual using electrical gloves check whether there is any puncture or cuts in the gloves as it may be harmful. This could be done by simply inflating the gloves with air and then holding them against your hands to check if any trapped air is being released.

The bottom Line

To summarize, working with electricity is not an easy task and it can be extremely dangerous. But with the right leather gloves that provide great insulation, things become easier. Also, the worker can continue their task without having to worry about the risks. The gloves should be of high quality and should give comfort to the wearer at the same time. So rather than buying cheap quality gloves, look for something that stays on for a longer period of time.

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