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Welding gloves for women: A guide to follow

Welding Gloves For Women: A Guide To Follow

The Importance of Welding Gloves for Women

Welding gloves for women are a part of the PPE or personal protective equipment which every welder has to wear while performing the highly risky task. Hand injuries are the most common type of injuries which occur during welding, and hence all the welders need to wear the right welding gloves.

There was a time when only men used to participate in welding, but today both men and women find equal opportunities to work in diverse fields on earth. One can find a lot of women in most of the renowned manufacturing companies who lead the performance tedious and smart work operations. Welding gloves manufacturing companies have also developed welding gloves for women based on the contour of their hands.

We would discuss some of the integral features of welding gloves for women which every industrial purchase manager has to use while purchasing welding gloves for women.

Challenges Faced By Women In Welding

A challenge often overlooked in the welding industry is one that is faced only by women welders; finding PPE that is the right fit for them. Women in the welding industry often struggle to find safety gear, including gloves, that fit right, offer protection and give them an outlet to show off their style.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics recorded that women make up less than 5% of the welding population. So, it is hardly a surprise that welding equipment manufacturers tailor their gear more towards men. Women welders have to struggle with using gloves that are sometimes two sizes too big for them, with a whole section of fingers that can be folded over. 

In welding, it is very important to have the right fitting gloves. If you are working with gloves that are too big for you, they could easily be ripped off your hands and cause injuries. Sadly, women often find even small size gloves too big for them.

Finding Welding Gloves for Women Based on the Type of Welding

One has to purchase welding gloves for women based on the different types of welding as it plays a vital role during the purchase. So first let us understand the types of welding which will make the shopping of welding gloves for women comparatively easy. The three main types of welding are discussed below in detail.

1. TIG or Tungsten Inert Gas Welding 

TIG welding is a type of welding where the welder has to complete the process with precision. The tungsten inert gas welding does not produce hand burns because of less involvement of heat fumes. On the other hand, it is paramount for all the buyers to select the TIG welding gloves which feel light, comfortable, and provide maximum standards of dexterity making it easy for the workers to complete the TIG welding with precision.

2. MIG or Metal Inert Gas Welding

Metal inert gas welding or MIG welding demands a tough or strong leather material which can protect the hands of welders from heat fumes and toxic gases. Generally, MIG welding is performed in pipe-lines and ships to cut sharp metal edges. The strong leather material can ensure that the welders are safe from hand burns and cuts.

3. Stick Welding

Stick welding is the oldest type of welding where the user has to stick to different metals. It is part of various workshops and garages. Stick welding also involves the highest heat, and hence welders have to ensure that they select the most robust leather material for the risky project.           

Welding gloves for women: A guide to follow

Characteristics of Welding Gloves for Women

  • The specially designed welding gloves fit in the hands of women correctly for improving dexterity.
  • The multi-tasking welding gloves for women contain a mix and match of different leather materials for providing heat resistance.
  • The seam of leather also adds durability to the welding gloves for women.
  • The welding gloves are helpful in a way that they provide maximum comfort and feel light.

Safety And Style

The purpose of PPE is to offer protection. Of course, fit and protection level is far more important than style and appearance. However, men and women alike, want to have something to showcase their unique style and personality.

Welding requires being tough no doubt, but everyone wants gear that fits right and appeals to them. Hence, some manufacturers have heard the call and started catering to the need for more female-oriented welding gear. In the past, women often had to struggle with gear too big for them and adjust them with stretch bands and other materials to make them fit right. 

Now welding manufacturers have factored in these issues to design their equipment for women welders as well. This includes designing PPE with patterns and colour schemes that appeal to women. So equipment including welding gloves for women is more than just to keep them safe, it is also a way for them to express themselves.

Also, it is a strategy to attract more women to the industry. The welding industry is consistently growing with more and more companies looking for welders. And many feel that women are very good at the welding process because of their excellent hand-eye coordination and control. 

The Bottom Line

The stereotypical picture connected with welding is that of a loud, dirty factory floor with the prevalent risk of workplace injuries as well as usually unpleasant conditions. However, in reality, welding is a job that is both empowering and rewarding.

As new advancements in welding gear continue to enter the market, welding too will continue to grow — both in the case of the technologies employed and the inclusion of women in the workforce. There are constant initiatives to invite women from all walks of life to the industry and unions and employers are speeding up efforts to create more secured and inclusive working conditions. So the future seems bright for women in welding.

In the meantime, manufacturers of welding gloves too should continue to focus on optimising welding gear for women and try out new styles to appeal to them. For more information you can ask your queries to RP ComTrade.