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What Are The Advantages of using cotton gloves

Table of content

  • Introduction
  •  Why cotton gloves?
  •  Cotton in gloves
  •  Steps of producing cotton gloves
  1. Seamless knitted style
  2.  Cut-n-sew style
  •  Industries that use cotton gloves
  • Types of gloves and their applications
  1. Canvas style
  2.  Double Palms
  3.  Chore
  4.   String knit styles
  5.  Jersey
  6.  Hot Mills
  7.  Inspector gloves
  8. Coated and dotted
  9. Terrycloth
  •  Different designs of cotton gloves 
  • Some common use of cotton gloves 
  1. Makes your skin very soft and smooth
  2. Reduces the wastage of lotions or oil
  3.  Can help to treat certain skin ailments
  4.  Makes your skin stronger and healthy
  5.  Helps to repair damaged skin 
  6. Strengthen your nails
  7.  Cotton gloves help you sleep better
  8.  Used to hide scars
  9.  Used as glove Liners
  10.  Cotton gloves for inspection
  11.  Used for house cleaning 
  12.  Used for serving
  • Conclusion 


Cotton is the best option for work gloves. With the increase in the popularity of cut-resistant fibers and naturally flame-resistant materials, people leave the simple cotton work glove. For centuries, cotton has been a material to make gloves. However, in almost every aspect of our life- clothing, bed linen, towels, etc there is the use of cotton. Using cotton in gloves makes them more comfortable. This Guide to cotton gloves highlights the amazing advantages of this basic form of hand protection.

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Why cotton gloves?

Cotton work gloves have a lot of purposes. However, in many cases, the underestimation of gloves for more expensive materials has taken place. The cotton gloves are comfortable, cool, and absorbent.  The cotton gloves are breathable. Furthermore, the cotton gloves can be dyed as well. Cotton makes the product highly durable. Moreover, cotton is environmentally friendly.

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Cotton in work gloves

To make personal protective gloves, cotton is among the best materials. Cotton gloves are used in work settings where there is a requirement for protection from heat. Moreover, the comfort offered by the cotton gloves is not comparable to the comfort of any artificial materials. 

The advantages provided by cotton gloves are:- 

  • Keep hands clean, especially from dirt
  • Protection from abrasion injuries
  • Easily laundered
  • Absorb the sweat
  • Cotton gloves are affordable
  • Lower the carbon footprint
  • The soft feel ensures all-day comfort
  • Their breathability keeps the hands cool during summers
  • Protects delicate products by preventing skin oils and skin oils from touching them.

Furthermore, cotton gloves keep the hands cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. 

Steps of producing cotton gloves

  1. The farmer should plant the cotton crops in a dry and hot area. 
  2. Fibers from the cotton plant are separated. The fibers are sent to the manufacturer’s yarn. Next, the raw is transformed into thread and then turned into woven fabric.
  3. The cotton material is transported to the manufacturing factory for glove production and is made in two ways: knitted and cut-n-sew.

Seamless knitted styles

As the gloves are seamless, it makes them more comfortable. Moreover, these gloves are better. The seamless gloves are less prone to separation or tearing.

Cut-n-sewn styles

In these gloves, the fabric is sewn together on a sewing machine. Moreover, in this method mostly highly customized fashionable and multifunctional gloves are manufactured.

Industries that use cotton gloves

Cotton gloves are among the common types of personal protective equipment used in various industries.

  1. Warehousing industries: The workers wear cotton gloves while package handling in shipping and receiving.
  2. Landscaping industries: Cotton gloves are worn during gardening activities.
  3. Oil and gas industries: The gloves protect from light heart applications around pipes and boilers.
  4. Construction industries: The workers wear gloves during painting.
  5. Inspection industries: In quality checks, the inspectors should wear these gloves.
  6. Food industries: These are worn while cooking barbeque and by bakers around hot stoves.
  7. Agriculture industries: Gloves are worn while harvesting and handling crops.
  8. Electronic industries: These are worn while handling components.
  9. Foundry: When metals are cast or other high-heat tasks require gloves.
cotton gloves

Types of gloves and their applications

The variations in the cotton gloves are endless. The main reason behind the variations is the different requirements of the people. workers of different industries require a different level of protection. Such as a gardener and a baker will require different qualities in their gloves.

Different types of cotton gloves designed to fulfill the requirements of different people are:

Canvas style- 

These gloves use a woven cotton fabric made into a reversible style glove or a clute. The material is very durable. 

Double palms:

 The gloves provide the wearer with extra protection. The double palms cotton gloves Have a second layer of material providing the worker with increased protection. 


 For general purposes, chore gloves are necessary. A single layer of woven fleece material constructs this style.

String knit styles: 

These gloves are the most popular general-purpose gloves. A machine that nets the product in one piece manufactures these gloves.


 These gloves are ideal for the work environment where aberration is likely. The class style is cut-n-sew. The gloves are designed to be flexible as well as comfortable for the wearer.

Hot mills: 

These gloves provide increased heat protection. Hot mills gloves use more than 20 ounces of fabric. The hot mill’s gloves consist of multiple layers in the palm fingers as well as the thumb. Therefore, the gloves are ideal for use when heat contact is a must.

Inspector gloves: 

These gloves protect the product from fingerprints and scratches. The inspectors use these gloves. The gloves handle mainly electronics and lint-free applications.

Coated and dotted: 

The coated and dotted gloves consist of PVC dots. The PVC provides the Vera with increased abrasion resistance and gripping power. The string, net Jersey, hot mills, and double-palm gloves come dotted on one or both sides.


These gloves offer a small degree of heat and abrasion resistance. Cut-n-sew or knitted material makes the gloves. The cut-n-sew type provides extra heat protection whereas the lettered versions provide a seamless and reversible pattern.

Different types of cotton gloves are made from a blend of different materials. As we know, cotton easily blends with other materials such as polyester and nylon. The low-priced cotton gloves are the result of different blends added to the Cotton.

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Different designs of cotton gloves

Cotton gloves are available in the market in different designs. The various designs of these gloves are as follows

  1. Loop-in: In the gloves with the design loop in the knitted terry cloth face inward. The loop-in gloves provide better comfort. It allows smooth material on the outside which provides better abrasion resistance. Moreover, in the cold environment, the loop-in gloves act as an insulator.
  2.   Loop-out: In the gloves with the design loop out the knitted terry cloth face outward. Hence, this makes the glove more heat resistant. Moreover, the loop-out gloves provide better airflow and cool the cotton material. Therefore, these gloves are a better heat barrier. 
  3. Corded: The fabric of these gloves is made of ribbed fiber. The fiber is similar to the corded jeans. However, they provide great abrasion resistance.
  4. Nap out: The design of the glass provides the wearer with a better grip. Gloves are wrapped with wrapping material on the outside.
  5. Nap-in: The wrapping material is placed on the inside of the gloves. It provides comfort as the soft side is on the interior of the glove. The glass act as a slight heat barrier to the hand. As the coarser material is on the outside, therefore, it provides better abrasion resistance.

Some common use of cotton gloves:

Makes Your Skin Very Soft and Smooth

Cotton gloves will make your hands feel very soft and smooth. The softness comes from the fact that your hands will be more hydrated with these gloves. When your skin is more hydrated it tends to be softer and smoother as well. Now all moisturizers at the core of cotton gloves work by hydrating your skin. Hence some work by supplying water to your skin and then securing your pores to reduce the loss of water. Although some work by the depiction of water from the air to hydrate your skin. And since a cotton glove keeps the moisturizer onto your skin longer. It allows the skin on your hands to be more hydrated. Hence, your skin feels softer and smoother.

RP Comtrade manufactures its products with complete hygiene and protection. Moreover, all the products that the company manufactures are of high quality.

Reduces the Wastage of Lotion or Oil

Gloves made of cotton prevent lotions and oils from rubbing off on other surfaces. They hold it onto your skin. Oil and lotion are not all absorbed into your pores when applied to your hands. Instead, a lot of the moisturizer is left on the upper part of your skin. Hence, it is rubbed off onto other surfaces. Using a cotton glove ensures that moisturizer reaches your skin so that it doesn’t go to waste. Allow the skin to absorb it instead. Hence, as a result, lotions, ointments, or oils are more effective.

Can Help To Treat Certain Skin Ailments

You can use cotton gloves in clubs with your medicated lotions and ointments to treat Eczema and Psoriasis. By increasing the amount of lotion and ointment absorbed into your skin, they help reduce the chances of skin irritation. Thus, it amplifies your treatment.

Makes Your Skin Stronger and Healthier

The combination of a good moisturizer and a cotton glove will significantly promote stronger and healthier skin. Most moisturizers and lotions tend to rub off onto other surfaces, which leads to a loss of nutrients. It takes time for the moisturizer to absorb into the skin.

However, if you use a cotton glove it allows oil and nutrients time to seep into your skin.

Helps To Repair Damaged Skin

The person should wear cotton gloves along with a good moisturizer. These are rich in certain nutrients that can greatly accelerate the healing rate of damaged skin from sunburns to blemishes. The cotton protects our skin from damage.

Strengthen Your Nails

Generally stronger and healthier skin around the cuticles will help to promote stronger nails. This is because nail growth depends on special skin cells found at the nail root under the cuticle. Hence, nourished and hydrated skin cells allow the formation of stronger nails. 

Cotton gloves can Help You Sleep Better

Now, this might seem strange but many different studies have shown that wearing gloves and socks in bed might make you sleep better. Because the gloves and socks will keep your hands and feet warm. Furthermore, this warmth increases Vasodilatation because of which your blood vessels widen and this causes a decrease in overall blood pressure and body temperature allowing you to sleep better. When your blood pressure and body temperature are stable. Hence, you will have a better sleep.

Used to Hide Scars

You should wear cotton gloves in case your hands are inflamed or scarred, The cotton gloves help to conceal scars. Furthermore, at the same time treat and heal your damaged skin.

Used as a glove liner

During winter bulky gloves made up of polyester or leather are sometimes not enough to provide warmth to the hands. Hence, the person should use thin glove liners made of cotton.

Cotton gloves for inspection

There is 100 percent cotton in the inspection gloves. The gloves are soft and well-fitted. Furthermore, one should use cotton gloves to handle jewelry, coins, photographs, silver, artwork, etc.

Used for house cleaning

One should use cotton gloves to clean the house. Furthermore, to get rid of dirt off the furniture.

Used for serving

Cotton gloves can fulfill the purpose of hygiene. Therefore, waiters in luxury restaurants use white cotton gloves for serving food.

Other purposes

The PVC-coated cotton gloves handle oily, greasy, and damp objects.


When it comes to keeping your hands and staying warm, cotton is the best choice. Cotton gloves are among the most comfortable gloves. The cotton gloves are cool during summer and warm during winter. These gloves are very light and the wearer can comfortably work while wearing them. They protect from light heat and provide product protection as well. However, to have complete protection and comfort you must choose the right size of cotton gloves.

RP Comtrade provides you with various sizes of gloves. Moreover, the company also provides customizable gloves. Hence, it is possible for the customer to customize the gloves based on his specific requirements. Furthermore, the gloves are available in high quality and at a very reasonable price.