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Leather Gloves save you from Hazardous Incidents

What Do Leather Gloves Protect Against

Leather Gloves

Our hands do everything for us. Sometimes they come across  a lot of material and substances. Some of the things might be harmful or hazardous. So, protecting our hands is essential. Protective gear like leather gloves protect and safeguard our hands from innumerous harmful incidents.

Protection With Leather Gloves

The right type of safety gloves protect you from certain specific hazards. Therefore, they are best suited for specific industries. Leather gloves have multiple properties that protect workers and people from certain dangers.


Leather has a property of protection against abrasions, cuts etc. It is reliable in both wet and dry environments. Therefore, using them as glove material is a smart choice. 

Heat Resistance

Leather gloves provide protection against heat and flame. This happens as leather has very high resistance against heat.  Some brands even produce leather gloves with different levels of heat resistance ranging from 176F to 808F.

Leather Gloves

Leather Lining

Leather gloves with another perfectly cut leather lining makes putting them on easier. They add warmth and prevent hands from chafing. 

Durability and Strength

Leather has really high tensile strength and protects hands from hard and heavy substances. 


The standard issue for racers is leather gloves. They are made with thinner leather and provide dexterity. This provides easy hand movements and fast use for race drivers. 

Since it is an easily accessible and available material, leather has been the most favorite protective glove material in industries. Its unique qualities and multiple usefulness makes it the go to material. 

Its usage is very wide and goes from everything related to utility, electrical work, construction, welding etc. So, it delivers protection against most of it all. RP ComTrade has a prime focus on industrial leather safety products. R.P ComTrade is one of the best manufacturers of safety leather products and they have been one of the leaders in this industry for decades.

Using the right leather gloves is instrumental in preventing numerous short and long term injuries.