Leatherworking is a skilled trade that calls for dexterity, experience, and the proper equipment. Leatherworkers of all skill levels choose split leather toolkits for their storage and organisation needs.

This guide will take you deep into the world of split leather toolkits, covering everything from their features and benefits to the best options and recommendations from industry insiders.

A Glossary of Split-Leather Tool Rolls

What is a split leather toolkit ?

When dealing with leather, it’s helpful to have a set of specialised equipment, so-called “split leather toolkits.” When a thicker piece of leather is cut in half, the result is split leather, also called suede. Tools for cutting, punching, sewing, and shaping leather are typically found in split leather toolkits.

Using a Split Leather Toolkit

There are many benefits to using a split leather toolbox when working with leather. To begin, split leather is well-known for its longevity, making it an excellent choice for permanent endeavours. It’s malleable enough that craftspeople can mould it into whatever shape they can imagine, and it looks great doing it. In addition, split leather has a unique feel and look, which elevates the classy appeal of leather products.​

The Choice of a Split Leather Toolkit

2.1 Size and Capacity of the Toolkit

Choosing an appropriate toolkit size is essential for convenient storage and transport. Think about the size and quantity of tools you have or intend to buy. If your collection of tools keeps growing, you’ll need a toolbox that can hold all of them.

Tool Quality and Variety

The success of a leatherworking project is heavily dependent on the equipment used to create it. The best tools to have in a split leather toolkit are those that are constructed of long-lasting metals like stainless steel. Knives, awls, needles, groovers, and bevellers are just some of the other equipment you’ll need. In addition, some kits include specialised tools for embossing and stamping, for example.​

Building Components

Pay close attention to the quality of the materials and craftsmanship while shopping for a split leather toolbox. The toolkit’s main body is typically crafted from top-grain leather or a similarly durable synthetic material. You should inspect the seams and the quality of the structure as a whole to make sure it will last.​

The Best Split-Leather Toolkits

Kit A

We recommend Toolkit A since it contains everything we need in one convenient package. A variety of needles and awls, a stitching groover, and other useful implements are included. The toolkit is kept in a sturdy, well-organised carrying case made of split leather.​

Kit B

Toolkit B is distinguished by its adaptability and extra features. Unique features, such as embossing and stamping tools, are included alongside the traditional leather working equipment, allowing craftspeople to add distinctive touches to their work. The split leather case makes transit and storage a breeze.​

Kit C

The high quality and meticulous design of Toolkit C have earned it many accolades. The ergonomically designed tool handles and other components make it a pleasure to use. The split leather case has several pockets so that your tools are neatly arranged and are easy to find when you need them​

Professional Advice and Suggestions

Tips for Buying a Quality Split Leather Toolkit

Experts advise taking into account both your current skill level and the complexity of your future projects when shopping for a split leather toolbox. Those new to leatherworking may want to start with a basic toolkit that includes the basics, while those with more experience may want to upgrade to a more specialised or comprehensive set.​

Guidelines for Care and Maintenance

Keeping up with routine maintenance is essential if you want your split leather toolbox to last as long as possible. To keep the split leather parts of your instruments supple and soft, condition them regularly after use and wipe away any dust or residue that has developed. Keep the toolbox out of direct sunlight and away from draughts.​


Finally, a split leather toolbox is a must-have for any leatherworker, regardless of experience. You can confidently take on leatherworking projects and produce remarkable results if you invest in a high-quality toolbox that meets your specific demands.

When shopping for a split leather toolkit, keep in mind the information provided in this article, do some research on the products that come highly recommended, and make a purchase that will help you realise your leather crafting dreams. When you have a good set of tools, the world of leatherwork opens up to you.

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